12 Best Korean Drama Podcasts You Should Listen To

Are you fond of listening to amazing podcasts and watching Kdramas? Here are some good podcasts you would love.

Korean dramas take you to another world filled with romance and suspense. Podcasts are a popular way to talk about and analyze Kdramas. They offer insights, reviews, and discussions of dramas.

Kdramas are interesting South Korean TV shows. Here is a list of all the best Kdrama podcasts. They talk about the story, the personalities, the quality of the production, and their personal reviews of different Korean dramas.

best kdrama podcasts

These podcasts have something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned Kdrama fan or just starting out. From the newest dramas to old favorites, they cover all of them. So, put on your headphones and listen to these great podcasts to learn more about Kdramas.

1. Dramas Over Flowers

dramas over flowers podcast logo

Dramas Over Flowers is a popular podcast among Kdrama watchers that focuses on discussions, analyses, and reviews of various dramas. It is hosted by three friends, Saya, Anisa, and Paroma, who are avid fans. They release new episodes every 8–10 days.

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2. Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

dramas with side of kimchi podcast

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi is a podcast for Kdrama fans. It is hosted by Kmuse, Kdrama Jen, Drama Geek, Clkytta, and Karie the Maknae. They discuss currently airing Korean and other Asian dramas and play games to pick the next best drama to watch.

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3. K3 KDrama Coffee Break

k3 kdrama coffee break podcast

Jenn, Marisa, and Christine are the hosts of the weekly podcast K3 KDrama Coffee Break. In each episode, they discuss the latest Kdramas, share their thoughts on the episodes, and give recommendations for what to watch next. They also talk about news, trends, and culture.

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4. Pocha Playlist: The KDrama Podcast

pocha playlist podcast

Andy, Brandon, and Jenny are the hosts of the weekly podcast Pocha Playlist. In each episode, they discuss the dramas they’ve been watching that week, give their honest thoughts, and then officially rank the dramas on their playlist.

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5. Crash Landed on KDramas

crash landed on kdramas podcast

Crash Landed on KDramas is a podcast hosted by four friends, Minal, Poonam, Sangeetha, and Neha, who discuss their favorite Kdramas, share their thoughts on the latest episodes, and recommend new shows to their listeners.

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6. K-Drama School

kdrama school podcast scaled 1

Grace Jung is a comedian and writer who hosts the podcast K-Drama School. She analyzes a new Korean drama every week and contextualizes it according to its social, cultural, and historical significance. Her insights are both entertaining and informative.

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7. K-Drama My Eyes Out

kdrama my eyes out podcast

K-Drama My Eyes Out is a podcast hosted by Judy, Linda, and Teresa, three friends who love Kdramas. In each episode, they pick a recent drama and rant about it. They discuss the plot, the characters, the acting, the directing, and anything else that comes to mind.

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8. AfterNoona Delight

afternoona delight podcast

AfterNoona Delight is a podcast hosted by three best-selling American romance novelists, Lea, Megan, and Amy. The podcast explores the world of Korean romance through a writer’s lens. The hosts fangirl over their favorite characters and debates.

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9. What A K-Drama!

what a kdrama podcast

What A K-Drama! is a podcast where the hosts explore the Kdrama world and their favorite genres, actors, actresses, and everything they love about the Korean Entertainment scene. They talk about their favorite Korean dramas, actors, genres, and much more.

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10. K Drama Chat

k drama chat podcast

Joanna, Jen, and Sung Hee are the hosts of the weekly podcast K Drama Chat. They discuss one Korean drama each season, recapping and analyzing each episode. The hosts are entertaining and make the podcast fun to listen to by providing insightful analysis of each show.

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11. Unnis on Oppas: A KDrama Fan Podcast

unnis on oppas podcast

Susie and Lynn are two friends who host the podcast Unnis on Oppas. In each episode, they discuss a different Kdrama, its actors and actresses, and the latest news. They also share their own personal thoughts and feelings about the dramas they watch.

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12. Kdrama Convos: A Mother Daughter Duo

kdrama convos podcast

Maii and Anica, a mother and daughter who enjoy Asian dramas, are the hosts of the podcast Kdrama Convos. In each episode, they discuss their favorite dramas, actors, moments, and songs. They also share their thoughts on the latest trends in Asian dramas.

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Wrapping Up

So these were some good podcasts hosted by people who are fans of Kdramas and talk about them. You can listen to them on platforms like Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and others. They are totally free to listen to.

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