Top 17 BL Korean Dramas To Watch in 2023 (Gay Romance)

Here are some of the recommended BL Kdramas you should watch if you're interested in gay romance that depicts love between boys.

Korean dramas have caught up a lot of attention and people around the world are getting attracted to Kdramas. All thanks to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Viki, Disney+, and more.

Kdramas have various genres ranging from romance and comedy to thriller and suspense. You can watch any type of drama according to your choice and mood. They are the best.

Talking about genres in dramas and movies, gay romance or boys’ love are talked about rarely. Only a few people are interested in watching boys loving each other and caring about each other.

Best BL Kdramas

Fan fiction, anime, webtoons, and now, Boy Love dramas, have become increasingly popular among a diverse audience worldwide. BL manga is also popular in South Korea but has some strict regulations.

bl korean dramas

South Korea is giving us a lot of good BL dramas to watch and most of them are available on the Viki website and app. Even there are some exciting BL Korean movies you can watch for more.

If you’re looking for some of the best BL Korean dramas that have great ratings and reviews, look no more. Here is the list of highly recommended gay romance dramas to watch.

1. Semantic Error

Sang Woo is a strict rule-abiding person. Jae Young is like a semantic error in the perfect world of Sang Woo. Due to misunderstandings, the two end up hating each other. Will Sang Woo be able to work with Jae Young as an artist and engineer?

semantic error kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Park Seo Ham as Jang Jae Young
  • Park Jae Chan as Chu Sang Woo
  • Song Ji Oh as Choi Yu Na
  • Kim Noh Jin as Ryu Ji Hye

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

2. Blueming

The story of Si Won, a handsome boy who feels self-assured about being the most popular kid in class, and good-looking Da Un who turns up on campus the next day. As the two spend more time together for class projects, unlikely romance brews.

blueming kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jo Hyuk Joon as Hyeong Da Un
  • Kang Eun Bin as Cha Si Won
  • Moon Hye In as Cha Si Yeong
  • Kim So Bin as Yun Jeong

No. Of Episodes – 11

Watch On – iQiyi

3. To My Star

The love story between Kang Seo Joon, a free-spirited actor who was once one of South Korea’s biggest and most popular stars, but whose career is now in decline, and a young chef named Han Ji Woo, who is more conservative.

to my star kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Son Woo Hyun as Kang Seo Joon
  • Kim Kang Min as Han Ji Woo
  • Ko Jae Hyun as Kim Hyung Ki
  • Jeon Jae Yeong as Kim Pil Hyun

No. Of Episodes – 9

Watch On – Viki, WeTV

4. Where Your Eyes Linger

After 15 years of friendship as a chaebol and bodyguard, Tae Ju and Kang Gook start to develop feelings toward each other. Tension erupts between them when a new female student shows interest in Kang Gook.

where your eyes linger kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Han Gi Chan as Han Tae Joo
  • Jang Eui Soo as Kang Gook
  • Choi Yeon Cheong as Choi Hye Mi
  • Jeon Jae Yeong as Kim Pil Hyun

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

5. Light On Me

Hangul: 새빛남고 학생회

Year: 2021

Tae Kyung is an 18-year-old high school student. He has also always been alone. He has no idea how to make friends. The teacher tells him to join the school’s student council. He agrees, but he finds out that it may be harder to make friends than he thought.

light on me kdrama 11


3 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Lee Sae On as Woo Tae Kyung
  • Kang Yoo Seok as Noh Shin Woo
  • Choe Chan Yi as Shin Da On
  • Go Woo Jin as Nam Goong Shi Woon

No. Of Episodes: 16 (24 min. each)

Streaming Options (region-specific):

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6. You Make Me Dance

Song Shi On is an aspiring dancer who has recently been thrown out of the house by his family, while Jin Hong Seok gave up on his dream to dance and now lives as a debt collector. These two end up sharing a place and the action unfolds.

you make me dance kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Choo Young Woo as Song Shi On
  • Won Hyung Hoon as Jin Hong Seok
  • Lex as Lee Jung Hoon
  • Lee Soo Ryun as Cha Soo Ryeon

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki, WeTV

7. Mr. Heart

Jin Won is a record-breaking marathon runner who finds himself paired with Sang Ha, who loves to run, but distance has never been his thing. As the two become closer, they begin to realize their feelings have taken an unexpected turn.

mr heart kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Han Se Jin as Go Sang Ha
  • Cheon Seung Ho as Jin Won
  • Lara as Hyo Ri
  • Yoo Jang Young as Coach Bong

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki, WeTV

8. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

The death of his parents forces Hae Bom to move in with an adoptive family who has a young son of the same age. They end up in the same class spending more time together. An unexpected romantic spark ignites between them.

cherry blossoms after winter kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Ok Jin Uk as Seo Hae Bom
  • Kang Hui as Jo Tae Sung
  • Lee Hyun Kyung as Ha Eun Sun
  • Cha Gun as Yong Hee

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

9. My Sweet Dear

Do Gun is a talented gourmet chef who clashes with Jung Woo, a confident newcomer in the kitchen. Although they begin on the wrong foot, after spending time, they get used to each other and their relationship goes from sour to sweet.

my sweet dear kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jang Eui Soo as Choi Jung Woo
  • Lee Chan Hyung as Yoon Do Gun
  • Jang Do Yoon as Ye Jun
  • Jo Seo Hu as Laura Kim

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki, WeTV

10. The Tasty Florida

Having just moved in, college freshman Hae Won becomes a frequent customer at a popular rooftop restaurant, run by a handsome chef named Eun Kyu and his friends. Hae Won falls for Eun Kyu but will he be able to win his heart?

the tasty florida kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Cha Woo Min as Seo Hae Won
  • Kim Yoo Hwan as Baek Eun Kyu
  • Moon Kang Hyuk as Cha Ji Soo
  • Yoo Seung Jun as Joo Seo Hyeok

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

11. Tinted With You

Eun Ho, a high school student has been sucked into the past somewhere in a painting, where he meets the deposed Crown Prince, Heon, and his guard, Geum. The three characters live together, getting entangled in a love triangle.

tinted with you Kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Park Jun Hee as Jung Eun Ho
  • Yoo Hyun Woo as Lee Heon
  • Kim Tae Jung as Go Geum

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

12. Kissable Lips

Jun Ho is a vampire who is about to die. To survive, he will need to drink pure blood and thus become a human. One day, while searching for this, he meets Min Hyun, a human with pure blood. Love sparks between them.

kissable lips kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Ji Woong as Kim Jun Ho
  • Yoon Seo Bin as Choi Min Hyun
  • Moon Ji Hoo as Kwon Hae Soo
  • Go Hye Ran as Ok Mi Ran

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

13. Sing My Crush

Ba Ram, who wants to be a singer, has a secret crush on his teacher. Ba Ram’s heart is broken after a failed audition, but he finds comfort in the company of a new classmate, Han Tae. They follow their dreams of making music together.

sing my crush kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jang Do Yoon as Han Ba Ram
  • Son Hyun Woo as Im Han Tae
  • Bang Yoo In as Young Mi
  • Koo Ja Keon as Jeong Pal

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – iQIYI

14. Color Rush

Yeon Woo sees the world only in the grey light due to neurological blindness. When he meets Yoo Han, he experiences a color rush, a phenomenon that makes him suddenly see colors through intense experiences. Are they destined, lovers?

color rush kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Yoo Jun as Choi Yeon Woo
  • Hur Hyun Jun as Go Yoo Han
  • Yeon Min Ji as Yoo Yi Rang
  • Baek Seo Hoo as Jung Joo Haeng

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Viki

15. Long Time No See

The hitman, “Flying Dagger” starts dating “Wild Dog” who isn’t really what he seems to be. While both of them hide their secrets, they cannot help falling in love with each other. They run into danger as gangsters chase after them.

long time no see kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Tak Woo Suk as Flying Dagger
  • Yeon Seung Ho as Wild Dog
  • Kim Myung Hwan as Black Rose
  • Won Tae San as Black Leopard

No. Of Episodes – 5

Watch On – Free Streaming Sites

16. Peach Of Time

Peach, a Thai boy visits South Korea to meet up with his friend Yun Oh. However, what was supposed to be a perfect vacation gets twisted by an unpleasant and unexpected discovery. Peach becomes involved in a series of unexpected events.

peach of time kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Choi Jae Hyun as Yoon Oh
  • Jimmy Kritsanaphan as Peach
  • Tommy Pueakpoolpol as Mario
  • Jung Ae Yun as Moon Sung Sook

No. Of Episodes – 10

Watch On – WeTV

17. First Love Again

Web novelist Yeon Seok has been living for 300 years in order to achieve his first love. He is searching for his first love, Ha Yeon whom he fell in love with in his previous lives. His lover suddenly appears in front of him as a 25-year-old man.

first love again kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jin Gun as Yeon Seok
  • Jeon Chang Ha as Jeong Ha Yeon
  • Kim Jeong Seok as Kim Jin Hyeok
  • Jung Hyun Ji as Jeong Ha Jin

No. Of Episodes – 6

Watch On – Viki

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best BL Korean dramas that are recommended to watch if you are into gay romance. Almost all of them are available on Viki or WeTV to watch for free.

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