Best Korean Dramas Like Boys Over Flowers To Watch

Loved Boys Over Flower and want to watch something similar? Here are the dramas that you should watch.

The Hallyu wave is the main reason for the increased viewership of Korean dramas around the world. One of the most responsible dramas for this wave is Boys Over Flowers which was aired in 2009.

The drama tells a story of a working-class girl who gets tangled up in the lives of a group of wealthy young men in her elite high school. It became a cultural phenomenon throughout Asia.

If you’ve watched Boys Over Flowers drama and are finding something similar in plot and genre to watch and keep the mood, here are the best dramas to watch.

1. You’re Beautiful

Tae Kyung’s voice was hurting, so the group A.N.JELL insisted on getting a new lead singer. But Mi Nam, the new member, had to go to the United States. Mi Nyu dresses up as her twin brother Mi Nam and joins the band to help him get out of this situation.

youre beautiful kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
  • Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam / Go Mi Nyu
  • Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
  • Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Netflix, Viki

2. Playful Kiss

Oh Ha Ni is an unpopular girl who is in love with her opposite, Baek Seung Jo, who is a smart and popular boy and never accepts her feelings. What will happen when Ha Ni and her dad have to live in the same home as Seung Jo?

playful kiss kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
  • Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
  • Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu
  • Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Viki, MX Player

3. The Heirs

Hangul: 상속자들

Year: 2013

Kim Tan, who is in the U.S., is the owner to Empire Group. Cha Eun Sang, who is looking for her older sister, is one of the people he meets. He can’t help but like her more and more. They meet again at a high school attended by richest people.

the heirs kdrama 11


3 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Yeong Do
  • Kim Ji Won as Yoo Rachel

No. Of Episodes: 20 (60 min. each)

Streaming Options (region-specific):

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4. To The Beautiful You

Kang Tae Joon has won a gold medal in the high jump, but an injury has put him in a slump. Koo Jae Hee, a girl, dresses up as a boy and goes to the same all-male high school as her idol so she can help him.

to the beautiful you kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Sulli as Goo Jae Hee
  • Choi Min Ho as Kang Tae Joon
  • Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Eun Gyeol
  • Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Viki

5. Cinderella and the Four Knights

A young girl living with her cruel stepmother and sister is hired by an old man. She has to figure out how to live with the four very different Kang brothers. Together, they have to work through their problems and find love.

Cinderella and four knights kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Park So Dam as Eun Ha Won
  • Jung Il Woo as Kang Ji Woon
  • Ahn Jae Hyun as Kang Hyun Min
  • Lee Jung Shin as Kang Seo Woo

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Netflix, Viki

6. Personal Taste

Jin Ho is a very stylish young man with the perfect looks, self-centered and obsessed with cleanliness. He then comes across Gae In Park, a woman hurt by love and is now looking for a gay roommate. Jin Ho wanting to live with the woman then pretends to be gay.

personal taste kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
  • Son Ye Jin as Park Gae In
  • Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
  • Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Viki

7. Secret Garden

Hangul: 시크릿 가든

Year: 2010

When a rich CEO of a successful company falls in love with a simple stuntwoman, he has to deal with a lot of different feelings as he tries to win her over. To make things more confusing, a strange chain of events causes them to switch bodies.

secret garden kdrama 11


3 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won
  • Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
  • Yoon Sang Hyun as Choi Woo Young
  • Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul

No. Of Episodes: 20 (65 min. each)

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8. Princess Hours

In an alternate version of Korea in the 21st century, an ordinary girl is picked to marry Crown Prince Lee Shin. The two have to figure out how to be royals and deal with the problems that come with their arranged marriage.

princess hours kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae Kyung
  • Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin
  • Song Ji Hyo as Min Hyo Rin
  • Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul

No. Of Episodes – 24

Watch On – Viki

9. Coffee Prince

Han Gyul takes over a rundown old coffee shop. To attract female customers, he only hires good-looking male employees. Eun Chan, a tomboy often mistaken as a boy desperate for money, continues to hide her gender to get a job at Coffee Prince.

coffee prince kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Gong Yoo as Choi Han Gyul
  • Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan
  • Lee Sun Kyun as Choi Han Sung
  • Chae Jung An as Han Yoo Joo

No. Of Episodes – 17

Watch On – Netflix, Viki

Wrapping Up

So, these were the Kdramas that are similar to Boys Over Flowers and you can watch them if you’ve completed watching the drama. They have similar tropes and storyline.

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