Kim So Hyun: Complete Guide To Her Dramas, Movies & Awards

Get to know the Korean star Kim So Hyun. Her dramas, movies, awards, achievements, and other unknown details.

Kim So Hyun is a popular South Korean actress and one of the highest paid actresses in South Korea, who has been casted in numerous dramas and have also won awards.

She has a younger brother. In 2003, when she was four years old, she moved to South Korea. She was nine years old when her father died, and has been acting since she was around seven years old.

During her career, she got many nicknames, such as “Nation’s Little Sister,” “Queen of Child Actresses,” and “Korean Wave Fairy.” Below are the basic details of Kim So Hyun.

Hangul Name김소현
Date Of BirthJune 4, 1999
NationalitySouth Korean
Agencyleum Hashtag
Recent DramaMy Lovely Liar

Kim So Hyun learned a lot of things through her different drama roles. She learned to play piano from her 2016 drama Page Turner and also learned some action moves for her drama Bring It On, Ghost.

kim so hyun complete guide

Korean Dramas

She took on her first leading role in teen drama Ma Boy (2012) and since then has starred in many TV dramas. Some of her dramas in which she is the main lead have been listed below.

Her drama “River Where the Moon Rises” got into trouble when the male lead, Ji Soo, was accused of bullying. She revealed that she didn’t get paid for the re-shoots because she loved her character so much.

1. My Lovely Liar

The drama depicts the story of a woman named Sol Hee who can’t trust people because of her supernatural ability to hear lies. She gets involved with a murder suspect who insists he is innocent, but nobody believes him.

my lovely liar kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim So Hyun as Mok Sol Hee
  • Hwang Min Hyun as Kim Do Ha
  • Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Kang Min
  • Yun Ji On as Cho Deuk Chan

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Viki

2. River Where the Moon Rises

Princess Pyeonggang was born a princess, but she was brought up as an assasin. When she finds out where she came from, she fights to take back her country and rightful throne from the corrupt people who have taken control.

river where the moon rises kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim So Hyun as Pyeonggang
  • Na In Woo as On Dal
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Go Geon
  • Choi Yoo Hwa as Hae Mo Yong

No. Of Episodes – 20

Watch On – Viki

3. The Tale Of Nokdu

Hangul: 조선로코 녹두전

Year: 2019

A guy disguises himself as a woman to enter a secret women-only town in pursuit of the truth about his birth during the Joseon period. He encounters a young woman who refuses to become a gisaeng in order to exact revenge on her family.

tale of nokdu kdrama 11


3 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Jang Dong Yoon as Jeon Nok Du
  • Kim So Hyun as Dong Dong Joo
  • Kang Tae Oh as Cha Yool Mu
  • Jung Joon Ho as King Gwang Hae

No. Of Episodes: 16 (62 min. each)

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4. Love Alarm

Hangul: 좋아하면 울리는

Year: 2019

The drama is about a phone app called “Love Alarm,” which lets the user know if someone within a 10-meter radius is interested in them romantically. But it doesn’t reveal specific details of the person.

love alarm kdrama 11


2 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo
  • Jung Ga Ram as Lee Hye Young
  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun Oh
  • Go Min Si as Park Gul Mi

No. Of Episodes: 6 (50 min. each)

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5. Radio Romance

Geu Rim’s dream job has always been to write for radio. But because she can’t write, she’s always had to work as an assistant writer. When her radio show is almost canceled, she manages to get top actor Su Ho to join the cast.

radio romance kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim So Hyun as Song Geu Rim
  • Yoon Doo Joon as Ji Soo Ho
  • Yoon Park as Lee Kang
  • Yura as Jin Tae Ri

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Netflix, Viki

6. The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

The story of Lee Sun, the crown prince, who fights against the Pyeonsuhwe society, which has complete control over the kingdom and has privatized the water supply. He gives people hope when they are in trouble.

the emperor owner of the mask kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Yoo Seung Ho as Lee Sun
  • Kim So Hyun as Han Ga Eun
  • Kim Myung Soo as Commoner Lee Sun
  • Yoon So Hee as Kim Hwa Gun

No. Of Episodes – 40

Watch On – Viu, MX Player

7. Bring It On, Ghost

Hyun Ji studied for most of her life before she died at the age of 19. She is now a ghost and has wandered around the world for several years. She then meets Bong Pal, an exorcist college boy. They both listen to various stories from ghosts and sends them to the otherworld.

bring it on ghost kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Ok Taec Yeon as Park Bong Pal
  • Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun Ji
  • Kwon Yool as Joo Hye Sung
  • Kim Sang Ho as Myung Chul

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Netflix, Viki

8. Page Turner

The story of a piano prodigy named Yoo Seul who loses her sight in a car accident and tries to get her life back on track with the help of a fellow aspiring pianist named Cha Sik and a former rival named Jin Mok.

page turner kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim So Hyun as Yoon Yoo Seul
  • Kim Ji Soo as Jeong Cha Shik
  • Shin Jae Ha as Seo Jin Mok
  • Ye Ji Won as Yoo Seul’s Mother

No. Of Episodes – 3

Watch On – Viki

9. Who Are You: School 2015

Hangul: 후아유: 학교 2015

Year: 2015

Eun Byul has a nice home in Gangnam and goes to a private school there. Meanwhile, her twin sister Eun Bi is living in an orphanage. Then, one day, Eun Byul disappears without a trace. Later, Eun Bi loses her memories and switches identity with Eun Byul.

who are you school 2015 kdrama 11


3 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Kim So Hyun as Lee Eun Bi / Go Eun Byul
  • Nam Joo Hyuk as Han Yi An
  • Yook Sung Jae as Kong Tae Kwang
  • Lee Pil Mo as Kim Joon Seok

No. Of Episodes: 16 (60 min. each)

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10. Reset

Woo Jin works as a prosecutor. He lost his first love, Seung Hee to a crime 15 years ago. Since then, he’s only worked on cases of violent crime. Eun Bi, a student who looks like Seung Hee, gets involved in the case as he looks for a criminal.

reset kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Chun Jung Myung as Cha Woo Jin
  • Kim So Hyun as Seung Hee / Jo Eun Bi
  • Park Won Sang as Investigator Go
  • Shin Eun Jung as Section Chief Han

No. Of Episodes – 10

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11. The Suspicious Housekeeper

Bok Nyeo is a housekeeper that works for a family that includes a widowed father, and his four children, all of whom are grappling with the aftermath of their mother’s death. She guides the family into healing their wounds and rebuilding bonds.

the suspicious housekeeper kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Choi Ji Woo as Park Bok Nyeo
  • Lee Sung Jae as Eun Sang Chul
  • Kim So Hyun as Eun Han Gyul
  • Wang Ji Hye as Yoon Song Hwa

No. Of Episodes – 20

Watch On – Viki, YouTube

Korean Movies

Besides Kdramas, Kim So Hyun has also acted in movies listed below.

  • The Last Princess
  • Unforgettable
  • Killer Toon
  • I Am a King
  • Spy Papa
  • Sin of a Family
  • Man of Vendetta

Awards & Achievements

Kim So Hyun has been awarded many times for her fabulous acting skills in her dramas. Below are the details of her awards and achievements.

River Where The Moon Rises

  • Best Actress – 2021 KBS Drama Awards
  • Netizen Award – 2021 KBS Drama Awards
  • Best Couple Award – 2021 KBS Drama Awards

The Tale Of Nokdu

  • Excellent Actress – 2019 KBS Drama Awards
  • Best Couple Award – 2019 KBS Drama Awards

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

  • Most Popular Actress – 2017 MBC Drama Awards

Who Are You: School 2015

  • Best New Actress – 2015 KBS Drama Awards
  • Netizen Award – 2015 KBS Drama Awards
  • Best Couple Award – 2015 KBS Drama Awards

The Suspicious Housekeeper

  • New Star Award – 2013 SBS Drama Awards

Moon Embracing The Sun

  • Best Child Actress – 2012 MBC Drama Awards

With 7.1 million followers, Kim So Hyun was named the “2018 Most Grown Instagram Account” winner. At age 21, she was the youngest South Korean actress with more than 10 million social media followers.

In January 2018, the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) chose Kim So Hyun as the National Representative of Honorary Smile to represent Korea’s smile and kindness.

Wrapping Up

So this was the complete guide about Kim So Hyun that will help you get to know more about her. She is a talented Korean actress have a great future ahead of her.

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