Top 10 Korean Drama Blogs That You Should Read Daily

If you watch Kdramas and want to stay updated with latest news and reviews about dramas, you should read these blogs.

Korean dramas are ruling our hearts. They have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are a great way to learn about Korean culture. Kdramas often feature Korean food, traditions, and culture.

Korean dramas also feature beautiful cinematography and stunning visuals. The production values are often very high, and the shows are beautifully shot. They are also popular for their OSTs (songs).

Best Kdrama Blogs

As Kdramas have become popular, with that popularity has come a surge in blogs dedicated to covering them. Today, there are a lot of websites that write about dramas. The major ones provide us with news.

best korean drama blogs

These blogs cover different sections like top lists, reviews, news, updates about events, and more. If you’re looking for a great blog to read, here is a list of all the blogs about Korean dramas to follow.

If you wish to write about dramas, you can start your own blog.

1. Kdrama World

Kdrama World is a one-stop destination for drama lovers. This blog writes mainly about the top Korean dramas and movies based on genres and tropes. You will surely find out your next drama and enhance your watchlist.

kdramaworld blog

The blog also writes unbiased reviews of dramas to help you decide whether to watch them or not. It has also provided a complete guide to various Korean actors, including their careers, lives, dramas, awards, and achievements.

Kdrama World also collects quotes and lines from different dramas. You can also play fun quizzes based on dramas and vote for your favorite dramas and actors. Scroll through funny memes that will make you laugh.

2. KORB Blog

KORB (Korean binge) is a growing blog that produces top lists of dramas based on viewership and other interesting lists that you’ll love to read. The blog also focuses on quotes and reviews of the latest dramas.

korb blog

The blog also shares recent news about dramas, actors, and award shows. You will also be able to read about upcoming dramas and movies on the blog, which includes plots, posters, and trailers.

3. Dramabeans

Dramabeans is a community-based blog where viewers can share their thoughts. The blog writes recaps of the ongoing dramas that you can read to understand what happened in a particular episode.

dramabeans blog

The blog also keeps you updated with the latest news about casting, dramas, posters, trailers, etc. It also has dedicated pages for Korean dramas where users can rate the drama, discuss it, and read news about it.

4. Annyeong Oppa

Annyeong Oppa is the Philippines’ leading blog that writes about Korean dramas. It covers a lot of information related to dramas. You can read the latest news about celebrities, exclusive interviews, and reviews.

annyeongoppa blog

The blog also covers press conferences, fan meetings, and concerts of various artists that take place in the Phillipines. If you’re a Filipino Kdrama fan, you need to follow this blog on social media.

5. Kdramadiary

Kdramadiary is a blog that focuses on recaps of dramas, the latest news about casting, upcoming dramas, photos, and more. It also covers original reviews of different Korean dramas in detail.

kdramadiary blog

It also updates you with all the local and international concerts, fan meetings, and other events. In the travel section, you can find out the locations where the shooting of a drama took place.

6. The Fangirl Verdict

This blog is fully focused on reviews of Korean dramas. This is the best blog if you want to read reviews because it features in-depth reviews of almost all the dramas that have been released till now.

thefangirlverdict blog

The reviews include all the aspects of the drama such as plot, relationships, likes, and dislikes. It also analyses each character and writes about each episode. Photos are also included in the review, along with spoiler alerts.

7. Kdrama Kisses

kdramakisses blog

Everyone remembers the first time they were kissed by a kdrama! This is the tagline of the blog. It mainly writes about the latest news about upcoming dramas, shares casting news, and trailers. It also has a section where you can read reviews of a few dramas.

8. Korean Lovey

koreanlovey blog

This blog provides you with Kdrama recommendations in the form of top lists. It also writes an overall review of new dramas. You can also get to know about the dramas in which an actor has acted and the newly released dramas.

9. Oppa Noona

oppanoona blog

This is a review blog run by two people – Oppa and Noona. They write reviews of dramas that are in detail covering all the good and bad, and rate them. They have already reviewed more than a hundred dramas that you can read.

10. Litdarlings

litdarlings blog

Litdarlings is a blog that covers Korean and Chinese dramas. So if you’re also interested in Chinese dramas, you can read this blog. The site covers a top list of dramas according to genres and their reviews.

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the top Kdrama blogs to follow and read daily. These are just a few of the many blogs. With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find a blog that’s perfect for you.

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