Korean Dramas Aired in July 2023 To Watch

Here is the list of the latest Kdramas that are released in July 2023. These dramas are already completed.

The year 2023 has already begun, and we have already gotten some good dramas such as My Perfect Stranger, Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938, and many more. Besides these, there are other dramas too.

Nobody can stop watching Kdramas once it is started. They are addictive and keep you hooked up with their storyline & music. The year 2023 has a lot of dramas coming up.

Here are the Korean dramas that started airing in July 2023. These dramas can be streamed on some free streaming sites if you don’t live in South Korea.

1. Shadow Detective Season 2

The story of Taek Rok, a veteran detective who suddenly starts getting calls from someone who calls himself an old friend. The caller frames him for murder and starts to blackmail him. This season will follow the counterattack of Taek Rok.

shadow detective season 2 kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Lee Sung Min as Kim Taek Rok
  • Jung Jin Young as Ki Do Hyung
  • Kyung Soo Jin as Lee Sung Ah
  • Lee Hak Joo as Son Kyung Chan

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Disney+

2. Not Others

The drama depicts the story of a mother without countermeasures and a cool daughter who lives together. Eun Mi is a physical therapist and single mother. Jin Hee, her daughter, is a police station patrol team leader.

strangers kdrama 13

Cast –

  • Jeon Hye Jin as Eun Mi
  • Choi Soo Young as Jin Hee
  • Ahn Jae Wook as Jin Hong
  • Park Sung Hoon as Jae Won

No. Of Episodes – 12

Watch On – Viki

3. Longing For You

When his younger brother Jin Woo is a murder suspect, detective Jin Sang joins the team. Jin Woo’s name is cleared when the real culprit is caught. Jin Sang now works at Gangnam Police Station, but his brother is attacked and dies.

longing for you kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Na In Woo as Oh Jin Sang
  • Kim Ji Eun as Go Young Joo
  • Kwon Yool as Cha Young Woon
  • Bae Jong Ok as Yoo Jung Sook

No. Of Episodes – 14

Watch On – Viki

4. D.P. Season 2

The story of a team of Korean military police with the mission to catch deserters. Private Joon Ho and Corporal Ho Yul both team up to find the deserters. The drama reveals the painful reality endured by each enlistee during his compulsory call of duty.

dp kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jung Hae In as Ahn Joon Ho
  • Koo Kyo Hwan as Han Ho Yul
  • Kim Sung Kyun as Park Bum Goo
  • Son Seok Koo as Im Ji Sup

No. Of Episodes – 6

Watch On – Netflix

5. The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch

The drama follows the group of counters who are tasked with catching evil spirirts arrived on the earth. This season depicts their return who have now become stronger after acquiring new powers and an additional member.

the uncanny counter season 2 kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Cho Byeong Kyu as So Moon
  • Yoo Joon Sang as Ga Mo Tak
  • Kim Se Jeong as Do Ha Na
  • Yeom Hye Ran as Chu Mae Ok

No. Of Episodes – 12

Watch On – Netflix

6. My Lovely Liar

The drama depicts the story of a woman named Sol Hee who can’t trust people because of her supernatural ability to hear lies. She gets involved with a murder suspect who insists he is innocent, but nobody believes him.

my lovely liar kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim So Hyun as Mok Sol Hee
  • Hwang Min Hyun as Kim Do Ha
  • Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Kang Min
  • Yun Ji On as Cho Deuk Chan

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Viki

Wrapping Up

So, these are the Kdramas that started airing in July 2023. You can now watch them on their respective streaming platforms.

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