Top 26 Korean Horror Movies You Probably Can’t Watch Alone

If you love to watch horror movies that will not let you sleep alone, here are some of the best horror movies worth watching.

The Korean movie industry has come a long way by offering a wide range of genres. Giving some of the best thriller movies such as Parasite, Train To Busan that are worldwide popular, there are some good horror films too.

Korean horror movies never let you down. These movies are filled with suspense & frightening scenes of course. You need to watch these movies if you are a horror fan.

Best Korean Horror Movies

Korean horror movies are known for being some of the scariest and most spine-chilling. With their unique mix of suspense, horror, and psychological terror, these movies have captivated audiences all over the world.

Korean horror movies

From supernatural happenings to haunted houses, Korean horror movies are known for keeping people on the edge of their seats and making people think about things like family, class, and gender.

Here are some horrifying movies from South Korea that will give you chills & will keep haunting you for days. Movie series are not included, only one film is included (like Whispering Corridors).

1. Killer Toon

killer toon korean movie 11

Ji Yoon is a horror webcomic artist. When her publisher dies, she finds her life imitating her own work. When a series of murders take place as they happen in the webcomic, detective Ki Chul tries to solve the case.

2. Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretel korean movie 11

A young man who gets lost in the woods finds himself in a beautiful house with three adorable children. The house seems to be perfect with a fireplace and plenty to eat. But, he gets stuck & there’s no way to move out.

3. A Tale Of Two Sisters

a tale of two sisters korean movie 11

Two sisters whose mother is dead return home from a mental hospital. They are welcomed by their stepmother & stay along with their father. Their stepmother always harasses them. Supernatural things happen, but there’s a secret.

4. Mourning Grave

mourning grave korean movie 11

In Su, who has the ability to see ghosts returns to his hometown. In his high school, the bullies get attacked one by one by a gruesome-looking masked girl. In Su tries to find the truth behind the girl.

5. The Closet

the closet korean movie 11

After losing his wife, Sang Won and his daughter, Yi Na, move to a new house attempting to restore their estranged relationship and mentally heal. But things take a turn when strange noises trickle out of the closet, and his daughter goes missing.

6. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

gonjiam haunted asylum korean movie 11

An internet broadcaster along with a handful of people goes to explore an asylum that is said to be haunted and stream it live on their show. But, things start to get out of hand when they are inside the place.

7. The Cat

the cat korean movie 11

Seo Yeon is a pet groomer. One day, one of So Yeon’s customers dies on the elevator, leaving her cat behind. The police ask Seo Yeon to take care of the cat. But something strange happens to So Yeon from the day she brings the cat home.

8. Death Bell

death bell korean movie 11

24 students are locked inside a school. A TV monitor broadcasts a student locked inside an aquarium that slowly begins to fill with water. They are given an exam to complete which if they failed, everybody will die.

9. White: The Melody Of The Curse

white the melody of death korean movie 11

A struggling kpop group ‘Pink Dolls’ finds an old videotape of an unknown music video. They release a remake of the videotape under the name “White” & become a sensation. But, strange things start to happen.

10. The Piper

the piper korean movie 11

After the Korean War, a father and son stop in a remote village that has a major rat infestation and make a deal to get rid of them. When the chief double-crosses them, they lure the rats back.

11. Bloody Reunion

bloody reunion korean movie 11

A teacher & some alumni meet for the first time in 16 years in a countryside cottage for a small reunion. But the happy reunion turns into a nightmare as they are brutally murdered, one by one.

12. APT

apt korean movie 11

A woman, who lives in an old apartment finds herself amused observing opposite side apartments. One day, she observes that the lights of some houses turn off at the same time. She becomes involved as she tries to solve the mystery.

13. The Wailing

the wailing korean movie 11

A series of deaths take place in a village. A police officer hears a rumor from a coworker about a mysterious Japanese man who lives in the mountain area. The rumor suspects him as the one causing these deaths. But what is the truth?

14. Horror Stories

horror stories korean movie 11

A female high school student is kidnapped by a killer with a speech impediment. To survive, she must tell the scariest stories leading to an anthology of four stories to the killer.

15. Cello

cello korean movie 11

Mi Ju is a part-time music professor with a tragic past. When she was young, she got into an accident with her friend. She gave up playing cello and decided just to teach. But will her past come back?

16. Into The Mirror

into the mirror Korean movie 11

A former cop working as a security guard in a mall links a string of mysterious deaths to a ghost that uses mirrors as a gateway to the living world. He has to solve the problem before the ghost strikes again.

17. The Doll Master

the doll master korean movie 11

Five people are invited to a doll museum in the woods where they find a quiet doll maker in a wheelchair and her dedicated helper, a chained old man in the basement, and a mysterious young girl in red, and one by one they are mysteriously killed.

18. 0.0Mhz

00 mhz korean movie 11

Members of a supernatural exploration club visit a house that is haunted. Once there they set out to test if ghosts can be contacted once human brain waves reach a frequency of 0.0Mhz.

19. Thirst

thirst korean movie 11

The story of a priest whose life takes a turn for the worst after he participates in a medical experiment in which he has an intense craving for blood to find a cure for a deadly disease.

20. The Mimic

the mimic korean movie 11

Hee Yun is a mother who lost her child five years ago. She moves to Seoul with her family. There, they find a lost, abused girl in the woods and take her in. Her voice is similar to her son. But is she really a human?

21. Dead Friend

dead friend korean movie 11

Min Ji Won is a girl who suffers from amnesia, caused by an accident almost a year ago. She learns about her three friends and she wants to find out what happened to them. While her former friends are killed one by one.

22. Whispering Corridors

whispering corridors korean movie 11

A ghost of a girl starts haunting a girl school & people start disappearing from the school. All are freaking out. Will anyone solve the mystery behind the haunting girl?

23. Cinderella

Cinderella korean movie 11

Hyun Su is a child of a plastic surgeon. Her friends start to commit mysterious suicides in front of her. To find the mystery behind this, she tries to find the clue in the hidden basement of their house.

24. The Red Shoes

the red shoes korean movie 11

A woman finds a pair of pink high heels on a subway platform & brings them home. She is thrilled to get them, but she is not aware of the fact that they are haunted.

25. Phone

phone korean movie 11

Reporter Ji-won begins to receive a series of mysterious calls. To escape the terrifying and relentless clanging of the telephone, she changes her number and moves out. But the threatening calls continue to horrify her.

26. The Loner

the loner korean movie 11

Su Na locks herself alone in her room after her best friend’s suicide. She starts to talk and behave as if someone else is in her room, but never opens the door to anyone. A psychologist arrives to help her.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the watchable Korean horror movies for horror movie lovers. These films are filled with mystery, suspense, ghosts and will definitely give you chills.

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