Top 17 Best Korean Movies Of 2018 Worth Watching Now

Here is a list of some recommended Korean movies that were released in the year 2018.

Each year, various types of Korean movies are released. Some of them receive positive responses & high ratings while some receive negative responses & low ratings from the audience.

The South Korean film industry is already popular for its oscar-winning Parasite movie. But wait, there are more good movies that you can watch. Whether it be comedy, thriller, action, romance, they are the best.

The year 2018 was one of the best years for Korean movies & even dramas. Read on to find out the recommended movies.

Best Korean Movies Of 2018

While many films are were released in 2018 in Korea, not all of them were the best or good to watch. This list is made especially for you that includes movies with great storylines & acting.

Best korean movies 2018

All the genres are included such as action, horror, comedy, thriller, etc. The movies are listed randomly & not in a specific order.

If you are looking to watch these movies, some of them are available on Netflix & you can also watch them on free streaming sites.

1. Be With You

be with you korean movie 11

A very interesting & fantasy movie in which Soo Ah makes a promise to her husband Woo Jin to return a year later on a rainy day. Unbelievably, she returns to her husband and son but all her memories are disappeared. The end of this movie hits differently.

2. Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

along with the gods the last 49 days korean movie 11

Three grim reapers will guide their 49th soul to the underworld trials. Meanwhile, God of House will recover the grim reapers’ memories from 1,000 years ago. Traveling between this world and the next world and the past, they find their relationship.

3. Swing Kids

swing kids korean movie 11

A musical drama film that tells the story of soldiers at the Geoje prison camp during the Korean War in 1951 plans a tap show to distract themselves and the prisoners from the hardships of the Korean War. They all have their own needs.

4. The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion

the witch part 1 subversion korean movie 11

When she was young, Ja Yoon escaped from a government facility but lost all her memory. 10 years later, when she appears in a nationally televised competition to win money for her family, her life is turned upside down by faces from her past.

5. Little Forest

little forest korean movie 11

The story of a young woman named Hye Won who returns to her childhood home, in a traditional Korean village, after leaving her difficult life in the city. She heals her emotional wounds with the help of her friends, nature, and food.

6. The Negotiation

the negotiation korean movie 11

Chae Yoon is a crisis negotiator. She carries herself with a calm and cool-headed attitude. A weapons smuggler for an international crime organization stages a terrifying hostage situation and she only has 12 hours to save the hostages.

7. On Your Wedding Day

on your wedding day korean movie 11

Woo Yeon falls in love with his best friend Seung Hee in high school. But after a while, she leaves the town with her family, leaving him heartbroken. After 10 years, he receives the wedding invitation from Seung Hee.

8. The Spy Gone North

the spy gone north korean movie 11

The movie follows a South Korean spy who infiltrates the North to obtain information on the country’s nuclear weapons plans in the mid-1990s only to find his side is manipulating his country’s political elections with the help of the North.

9. Keys To The Heart

keys to the heart korean movie 11

A washed-up boxer runs into his mom who left him when he was little and comes to live with her and his younger brother, who is a genius pianist with autism. The brothers make up through their mother who is full of stories.

10. Miss Baek

miss baek korean movie 11

Miss Baek’s past as a convict follows her everywhere and, because of this, she doesn’t open up to others. She meets a girl and decides to save her from the cruel world. A man who holds feelings for her tries to protect her in his way.

11. The Great Battle

the great battle korean movie 11

In 645AD, the Tang Dynasty’s emperor marches into Ansi, protected by General Yang, the lord of the fortress. Abandoned by his country and outnumbered by thousands, he gathers his people to face the Tang army on his own.

12. Believer

believer korean movie 11

The movie centers on Detective Won Ho trying to bust a major drug cartel run by an enigmatic character named Mr. Lee. He teams up with a low-level drug dealer to bring down the psychotic & dangerous kingpin.

13. Door Lock

door lock korean movie 11

Kyung Min lives alone in a studio apartment. One day, she finds her door lock cover left open. Through this, she finds a trace of a stranger breaking into her room and soon a mysterious murder case begins to unravel.

14. Burning

burning korean movie 11

Jong Su bumps into Hae Mi while delivering, who used to live in the same neighborhood. She asks him to look after her cat while she’s on a trip. After returning, she introduces Ben, a guy she met on her trip. One day, Ben visits Jong Su and tells him his secret hobby.

15. Unstoppable

unstoppable korean movie 11

Dong Chul was once a gangster, but he has changed his ways. One day, he comes home to find his house in disarray and his wife missing. He then receives a phone call from someone offering to pay him to give up his wife. Dong Chul sets out to save his wife.

16. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

gonjiam haunted asylum korean movie 11

An internet broadcaster along with a handful of people goes to explore an asylum that is said to be haunted and stream it live on their show. But, things start to get out of hand when they are inside the place.

17. Psychokinesis

psychokinesis movie

A security guard gains supernatural power after drinking polluted water. He then finds a company that is set on destroying his daughter’s restaurant. He then gets involved in the fight to protect the neighborhood.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the best Korean movies of 2018 that you should watch to make your day more interesting & fun. If you are looking for some more good movies, explore this website.

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