Top 12 Most Gripping Korean Movies About Psychopaths

If you're looking for a movie that is suspenseful and includes a psychopath, here is the list of the best films that you can watch.

The Korean film industry is growing at a very high rate. Earlier, Korean movies were not being watched by people outside South Korea but due to the availablity of streaming platforms like Netflix, there are more viewers.

Korean cinema has a long history of producing disturbing and suspenseful thrillers, and many of these films feature psychopaths as the main antagonists. They look thoroughly into their mind and show us their behavior.

Psychopath Korean Movies

These movies often explore the dark side of human nature and make viewers feel disturbed and uneasy. However, they are also some of the most suspenseful and well-made thrillers ever produced.

korean movies about Psychopaths

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, then you’ll definitely want to check out these Korean movies involving psychopaths. They’re sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

the witch part 1 subversion korean movie 11

When she was young, Ja Yoon escaped from a government facility but lost all her memory. 10 years later, when she appears in a nationally televised competition to win money for her family, her life is turned upside down by faces from her past.

2. Unlocked

unlocked korean movie 11

When a dangerous man finds a girl’s lost phone and uses it to track her every move, her life is turned upside down. In the meantime, a detective is looking into a series of murders that seem to have something to do with him.

3. Door Lock

door lock korean movie 11

Kyung Min lives alone in a studio apartment. One day, she finds her door lock cover left open. Through this, she finds a trace of a stranger breaking into her room and soon a mysterious murder case begins to unravel.

4. Watching

watching korean movie 11

A woman whose boss is sexually harassing her and whose coworkers don’t like her gets kidnapped. The kidnapper forces her to watch as he tortures her coworkers and demands she decide which one he should murder.

5. Truck

the truck korean movie 11

To raise money for his daughter’s surgery, a truck driver takes on an odd job. He picks up a police officer who is looking for a serial killer while on the trip. They must work together to survive the night and stop the killer.

6. I Saw The Devil

i saw the devil korean movie 11

A dangerous psychopath driver kills a woman on his way home. Her fiance Soo Hyun, who is a secret agent, decides to track down the murderer himself. He successfully catches the psycho, beats him & lets him free. The game of cat & mouse begins.

7. Midnight

midnight korean movie 11

After witnessing a murder, Kyung Mi, a deaf woman becomes the target of a Jekyll and Hyde serial killer. She and her mother must use their wits and grit to remain one step ahead of him as he follows her across town.

8. Memoir Of A Murderer

memoir of a murderer korean movie 11

Byung Soo was a serial killer. He now suffers from Alzheimer’s & lives with his daughter. One day, he gets into an accident with another killer named Tae Joo. Meanwhile, Tae Joo begins to woo his daughter. To protect his daughter, Byung Soo struggles to kill him.

9. The Limit

the limit korean movie 11

To solve the case, a police officer assumes the identity of the child’s real mother and poses as the child’s caretaker. However, she quickly realizes that she is in jeopardy when the real kidnappers set their sights on her.

10. V.I.P.

vip korean movie 11

Gwang Il arrives in South Korea through planning by the NIS in South Korea and the CIA in America. He becomes a suspect in a series of murders. Detective Yi Do knows by intuition that Gwang Il is the culprit, but NIS Agent Park Jae Hyuk protects him.

11. Ordinary People

ordinary people korean movie 11

A former boxing coach takes a job as a PE teacher at a high school for girls in a small town where a girl student has gone missing. Soon, he realizes that the locals are hiding a dark secret about her disappearance.

12. The Woman in The White Car

the woman in the white car korean movie 11

A woman arrives at a hospital with her injured sister. The police soon discover that the injured woman is not her sister and the real sister is missing. The police must now uncover the mystery of the woman in the white car.

Wrapping Up

So these were the recommended Korean movies about psychopaths that you can watch if you are a fan of thrillers. They will play with your brain and keep you thinking more and more.

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1. What are some of the best psychopath Korean movies?

There are many great Korean movies about psychopaths like Memoir Of Murderer, Midnight, Ordinary People, Unlocked, etc.

2. Are Korean movies about psychopaths realistic?

The portrayal of psychopaths is often very realistic. However, psychopaths are very complex, and there is no one-size-fits-all portrayal of them.

3. Who is a psychopath?

A psychopath is a person who lacks empathy and remorse, and who is often manipulative and aggressive.

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