Top 16 Best South Korean Movies About North Korea (Spy)

Korean movies are the best & never let you down when it comes to cinematography, storytelling, acting & background music. They are one of the best when it comes to great plots.

Whatever be the genre – thriller, romance, comedy, mystery, life & more, Korean films are good in all the genres. The South Korean film industry is already popular for its Oscar-winning Parasite movie.

Movies About North Korea

You may know that North Korea is the opposite of South Korea & other countries. If you are fascinated to know more about North Korea, a drama was also released called Crash Landing On You, you can watch it.

Korean movies involving north korea

Many Korean movies have North Korea in their plot or storyline. The most common ones are action movies with North Korean spy on a mission & others. Let’s move to the list.

1. Secretly Greatly

Secretly Greatly movie

Three North Korean spies infiltrate South Korea as a village idiot, a rock musician, and a high school student. Awaiting their orders, they get shocked when they are ordered to kill one another or face death at the hands of an elite hit team.

2. Commitment

Commitment movie

Myung Hun’s father, who is a North Korean spy, is falsely accused. He then becomes a spy to kill a North Korean assassin in South Korea to save his younger sister. He also enters high school and begins to develop feelings for a troubled female student.

3. Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment movie

North Korean detective Chul Ryung is ordered to catch Ki Sung, the boss of a North Korean crime organization. He travels to South Korea & cooperates with a South Korean detective. For the first time, the two countries cooperate to take down a criminal.

4. Ashfall

Ashfall movie

Mt. Paektu, an active volcano near the China-North Korea border, suddenly erupts, causing severe earthquakes in both North and South Korea. To prevent another disaster, an operation is conducted based on a theory by a professor.

5. The Berlin File

The Berlin file movie

A North Korean agent in Berlin is betrayed and cut loose when a weapons deal is exposed. Together with his wife, a translator at the North Korean embassy in Berlim, they try to escape being purged. North and South Korean operatives are on their trail.

6. Joint Security Area

joint security area

Two North Korean soldiers are killed on the border leading to an investigation. The investigator receives differing accounts from the two sides. One claims he fired in self-defense, while another says it was a premeditated attack.

7. Steel Rain

Steel rain movie

A military coup takes place in North Korea. The leader of North Korea and Chul Woo escape to South Korea. The two countries now face a crisis. Chul Woo and a South Korean government official carry out a secret operation to prevent a Korean war.

8. The Spy Gone North

The spy gone north movie

The movie follows a South Korean spy who infiltrates the North to obtain information on the country’s nuclear weapons plans in the mid-1990s only to find his side is manipulating his country’s political elections with the help of the North.

9. Operation Chromite

Operation Chromite movie

South Korean Navy Special Forces, Captain Hak Soo, and 7 members of the KLO unit disguise themselves as a North Korean inspection unit and infiltrate the North Korean army command center in Incheon to carry out an operation.

10. Love Of South and North

Love of south and north movie

A comedy movie in which Chul Soo, a South Korean joins a discovery team in Yeon Byun, which is located in north-eastern China. Young Hee, daughter of a North Korean diplomat also joins the team. They both work together, but can they co-operate?

11. In Love and The War

In love and the war movie

In 1950, soon after the Korean War breaks out, a troop of North Korean soldiers enter a small South Korean village. The captain lies to them hiding their true agenda. Eventually, strong and close friendship starts to build up between the soldiers and the villagers.

12. Poongsan

Poongsan movie

A mysterious man named Poongsan crosses between the South and North Korean border as a courier for hire. His next task is to bring a North Korean woman into South Korea. Things take an unexpected turn when he falls in love with her.

13. North Korean Guys

North korean guys movie

Two friends accidentally drift from North Korea into South Korea after falling asleep during a fishing trip. After their repeated attempts to escape South Korea’s fail, they enter a talent contest whose first prize is a trip to North Korea.

14. Secret Reunion

Secret reunion movie

Agent Han Gyo fails to stop the assassination of a North Korean dissident. The sleeper cell responsible includes Ji Won, who gets marked as a traitor. Six years later both men are working different jobs when they bump into each other.

15. Red Family

Red family movie

A growing friendship with their neighbors softens the resolve of a group of North Korean spies, who are posing as an ordinary South Korean family, on a mission to take out defectors.

16. The Suspect

the suspect

Dong Chul is abandoned by the North Korean government. He settles down in South Korea. One night the chairman is killed by an assassin, but not before handing over a pair of glasses to Dong Chul. He is accused of murder & tries to find the truth.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the 16 movies that involves North Korea & shows its relationship with South Korea. You can watch all of them on some free streaming sites with English subtitles.

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