Top 20 Best Korean Movies On YouTube To Watch For Free!

Here are some recommended Korean movies that are uploaded on YouTube with English subtitles. And YouTube is free to watch!!

When it comes to storytelling, cinematography, acting & background music, Korean movies never let you down. They are one of the best movies when it comes to great plot.

The South Korean film industry is already popular for its Oscar-winning Parasite movie. Whatever be the genre – thriller, romance, suspense, mystery, life & more, Korean films are excellent in all the genres.

The South Korean film industry is already popular for its oscar-winning Parasite movie. Whatever be the genre – thriller, romance, suspense, mystery, life & more, Korean films are excellent in all the genres.

Korean Movies On YouTube

While many Korean movies are available on Netflix & Viki to watch, they may require a paid subscription. And if you have no money & are looking for some free movies to watch, read on.

korean movies on youtube

Here is the list of some of the best Korean movies that are available to watch on YouTube for free. Though some of them may have low quality, they are great. You can watch them anywhere & on any device.

Besides Korean movies, Korean dramas are also great to watch as they are popular & have a good plot, acting, music & more. There are many Kdramas available on Youtube to watch for free.

1. Baby and Me

baby and me korean movie 11

A student Joon Soo sees his life take a strange turn when someone leaves a baby in his shopping cart, along with a note claiming he’s the father. He then takes the baby home and tries to find the baby’s real parents.

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2. The Star Next Door

star next door korean movie 11

Hye Mi is a top star known for her scandals. She lives next door to middle school student So Eun. In reality, So Eun is her daughter, but they have kept it a secret from the public. Things change as they face a paparazzo that’s trying to reveal the truth to the public.

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3. My Ordinary Love Story

my ordinary love story korean movie 11

Eun Jin has failed in love six times. She struggles now to find her seventh love. But just when she thinks she has found her seventh love named Hyeon Suk, she tries her best but realizes that there may be a far darker side to her new lover.

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4. Dead Friend

dead friend korean movie 11

Min Ji Won is a girl who suffers from amnesia, caused by an accident almost a year ago. She learns about her three friends and she wants to find out what happened to them. While her former friends are killed one by one.

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5. 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

100 days with mr arrogant korean movie 11

A high school girl kicks a beer can that hits a car driver, who crashes his car. When she is unable to repay the damage cost, the driver tells her to sign a contract that binds her to his service for 100 days.

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6. Alice: Boy From Wonderland

alice boy from wonderland korean movie 11

Hye Joong experiences terrible nightmares. Unable to cope, she goes to the villa where her family stayed 24 years ago. She meets a man, Hwan waiting for her. Within 15 days, she should find what she lost to stop her nightmares.

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7. Wonderful Nightmare

wonderful nightmare korean movie 11

Due to a mistake from heaven, Yeon Woo, a female attorney, dies. Before she can return to her normal self, she must live as an ordinary housewife for a month. And while playing the role of wife and mother, she finds that something’s changed within her.

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8. Midnight Runners

midnight runner korean movie 11

Ki Joon and Hee Yeol are new students at the Korean National Police University. They decide to go out one evening & on their way, they witness a young woman being kidnapped. They decide to save her life before it’s too late.

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9. The Princess and The Matchmaker

the princess and the Matchmaker korean movie 11

Princess Songhwa refuses her fate of marrying someone who matches her marital harmony. There are four men on the list of her future husbands with different fates. She decides to leave the palace and find her husband by herself.

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10. My Little Bride

my little bride korean movie 11

Bo Eun is a high school girl who gets married to Sang Min. She also has a crush on her school’s baseball team ace, Jung Woo. She pretends that she is unmarried and starts dating him. Everything goes smoothly until Sang Min visits her school as a student-teacher.

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11. A Good Rain Knows

a good rain knows korean movie 11

Dong Ha met a Chinese student, May, while studying in America several years back. They became friends but got separated. Coincidently, they meet again when Dong Ha travels to China for business purposes. They may fall in love once again.

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12. My Mighty Princess

my mighty princess korean movie 11

So Hwi is a martial arts prodigy. After she falls in love with a man, she decides to stay away from martial arts as it scares him away. However, she needs to defeat her enemy Heuk Bong and picks up the sword again with a burning desire for revenge.

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13. Innocent Steps

innocent steps korean movie 11

Former dancer Young Sae attempts to make a comeback. He brings to Korea Chae Rin, who he presumes is a talented dancer. Later, he finds out that she is an inexperienced dancer. He then attempts to turn her into a world-class dancer.

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14. His Last Gift

his last gift korean movie 11

A man serving a life sentence for murder is given a temporary release to save the life of a seriously ill young girl who suffers from Wilson’s disease and desperately needs a liver transplant. He does everything he can to try and save her life.

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15. A Millionaire’s First Love

a millionaire first love Korean movie 11

Jae Kyung is going to be a millionaire at nineteen. His grandfather’s will that says he will only get his inheritance if he graduates from a high school in the countryside. He has no choice but to transfer there. Life changes a lot for him.

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16. The Ring Virus

the ring virus korean movie 11

A reporter finds a videotape filled with mysterious images. After viewing it, a message appears that she has just been cursed, and that in order to save herself she must – end of tape. Somebody has erased the rest, leaving her horrified.

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17. The Closed Ward

the closed ward korean movie 11

Seven people woke up from an old closed ward and don’t know anything. They are tied to the bed and a small box falls for an autopsy bed when the number of clocks reaches 00:00. Why are they trapped here and what will happen to them?

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18. Part-Time Spy

part time spy korean movie 11

Young Sil is hired as a contract worker for the National Security Agency. Jung An is an undercover detective. They carry out an infiltration operation to recover money that was stolen from her boss in a voice phishing scheme.

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19. Death Bell

death bell korean movie 11

24 students are locked inside a school. A TV monitor broadcasts a student locked inside an aquarium that slowly begins to fill with water. They are given an exam to complete which if they failed, everybody will die.

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20. My Dear Desperado

my dear desperado korean movie 11

Se Jin is Dong Chul’s new neighbor. He is a thug who can’t fight but acts like a tough guy. He is interested in her fiery personality, and the two of them realize that they may be perfect for each other even though they fight a lot.

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Wrapping Up

So, there were some amazing Korean movies available on YouTube to watch for free. If you are looking for more movies to stream for free, take a look at these free streaming sites.

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1. Where can I watch Korean movies for free?

You can watch Korean movies for free on various streaming sites. YouTube is also a good platform to watch movies.

2. Which Korean movies can I watch on YouTube?

You can watch a lot of Korean movies on YouTube like Dead Friend, Baby and Me, Wonderful Nightmare, Midnight Runners, and more.

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