Top 17 Thrilling Korean Revenge Movies You Need To Watch

You know that Korean films are on the next level. Watch these exciting movies based on revenge of the main character.

The growing popularity of Korean culture is contributing to the rising viewership of Korean movies. They keep experimenting with cinematography, plots, and more. They are well-made and feature strong storytelling.

If you have not watched not any Korean movies, you are missing out on something great and phenomenal. You can start watching films of different genres on streaming sites like Netflix, Prime Video, and Mubi.

Revenge Korean Movies

Korean films are filled with revenge of the main character. These movies usually feature the main lead who has been wronged in some way and who seeks to take revenge on the culprits.

revenge korean movies

They have amazing plots and storytelling. Aside from the obvious thrill of the exciting plots, it’s also comforting to see the wrongly accused fight back against the bad guys and win.

If you want to watch some good revenge movies produced by South Korea, look no further, as here is the list of the best movies with vengeance as their main motive.

1. Oldboy

Oldboy korean movie 11

A man who is imprisoned in a hotel room for no reason gets out after 15 years only to find himself in love with a chef. His captor then gives him five days to find out why he was locked. The story comes with a twist.

2. No Mercy

no mercy korean movie 12

A pathologist attends his last case of a murdered girl. An environmental activist is caught & the case seems solved. When the pathologist’s daughter gets kidnapped, he tries to find the kidnapper but with a twist.

3. The Chaser

the chaser korean movie 11

A pimp becomes involved in a breathless race against time to catch a psychopathic serial killer after one of his girls goes missing. To find evidence, he has just 12 hours before the killer is released.

4. I Saw The Devil

i saw the devil korean movie 11

A dangerous psychopath driver kills a woman on his way home. Her fiance Soo Hyun, who is a secret agent, decides to track down the murderer himself. He successfully catches the psycho, beats him & lets him free. The game of cat & mouse begins.

5. Missing You

missing you korean movie 11

A young woman waits for the release of the serial killer who was found guilty of killing her father 15 years ago. She is helped by a detective who wants to prove that the killer is responsible for more killings.

6. Lady Vengeance

lady vengeance korean movie 11

Geum Ja goes to prison for kidnapping & killing a boy & gets released after 23 years. She teams up with a group of friends she made while in prison and sets out to clear her name and find the daughter she was forced to leave behind.

7. Don’t Cry, Mommy

dont cry mommy korean movie 11

Yoo Lim, who divorced her husband gets to know that her daughter, Eun Ah, got raped by boys at school. However, they are minors and don’t get punished. Eun Ah kills herself, and Yoo Lim seeks revenge.

8. Hard Hit

hard hit korean movie 11

One morning, a bank manager sets off to drive his kids to school and then go to work. He receives an anonymous call claiming there’s a bomb under his car seat, and if anyone exits the car, it will explode.

9. The Man From Nowhere

the man from nowhere korean movie 11

Tae Shik leads a quiet life his only friend is a little girl, So Mi. Her mother, Hyo Jeong, is a drug addict & steals drugs from a crime group. The group’s boss sends his subordinates to retrieve the drugs from her. They then kidnap her and So Mi. Tae Shik sets off to rescue them.

10. The Call

the call korean movie 11

Seo Yeon comes back home after a long time. She connects an old phone that was in the house and speaks to a stranger named Yeong Sook who lives in the same house but 20 years apart. A serial killer puts another woman’s past and life on the line to change her fate.

11. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

the gangster the cop the devil korean movie 11

It revolves around a serial killer, a gangster who was almost a victim of the killer, and the cop who wants to arrest the killer. The cop and the gangster decide to join forces to catch the killer but face challenges from their enemies at work.

12. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance

sympathy for mr vengeance korean movie 11

Ryu, a young, deaf-mute factory worker tries hard to earn enough money for his sister’s kidney transplant. He kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy man for ransom. But, the man launches a bloody quest for revenge that puts Ryu’s life in danger.

13. A Bittersweet Life

a bittersweet life korean movie 11

Sun Woo, a hitman is asked to keep an eye on his boss’ girlfriend. However, when he finds her lover with her, he is unable to kill her as he falls in love with her. When his boss orders his thugs to kill him, Sun Woo has nothing but vengeance on his mind.

14. Bedevilled

bedevilled korean movie 11

A young woman is forced to move to a remote island to care for her dying mother. She soon discovers the island is haunted by the ghosts of women who have been murdered by the local men and tries to run away.

15. The Villainess

the villainess korean movie 11

Sook Hee, who has been taught to kill becomes a sleeper agent for South Korea’s intelligence agency. She dreams of having a different type of life, however, two men from her past make an unexpected appearance in her life, bringing out dark secrets from her past.

16. Night in Paradise

night in paradise korean movie 11

A gangster who is forced to go on the run after his sister and niece are killed finds refuge on Jeju Island, where he meets a woman who is also running from her past. But the gang tracks them down to the island.

17. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

the witch part 1 subversion korean movie 11

When she was young, Ja Yoon escaped from a government facility but lost all her memory. 10 years later, when she appears in a nationally televised competition to win money for her family, her life is turned upside down by faces from her past.

Wrapping Up

So if you’re looking for a movie that will keep you entertained and leave you thinking, then be sure to check out some of the great Korean revenge movies that are available. You won’t be disappointed.

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1. What are some of the best revenge Korean movies?

Some of the best revenge Korean movies include Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, Bedevilled, I Saw The Devil, No Mercy, and The Villainess.

2. What are some of the most notable directors of revenge movies?

Some of the most notable directors of revenge Korean movies include Park Chan Wook, Bong Joon Ho, Kim Ki Young, and Na Hong Jin.

3. Where can I watch Korean revenge movies?

You can watch the Korean movies on Netflix, Mubi, and Prime Video. These are the leading platforms for Korean films.

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