Top 18 Best Inspirational Sports Korean Movies Of All Time

If you love to watch athletes undergoing training and overcoming all the obstacles to win the game, here are some great sports movies to watch.

Korean movies are gaining more recognition and are being watched by more people compared to in recent years. All thanks to Korean dramas and the Oscar-winning Parasite movie.

South Korean cinema industry has made up a big place for itself among other countries’ film industries. You can now watch a lot of Korean movies on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

There are a lot of genres of movies available to watch including thriller, comedy, romance, suspense, horror, sci-fi, law, and many more. The same genres are available for Kdramas.

Sports Korean Movies

Everyone loves sports and likes to watch content related to sports. Sports movies are mostly based on an athlete and tell the story of the athlete overcoming obstacles, training, and winning.

sports korean movies

Sports movies show how thrilling, exciting, and passionate sports competition can be. These movies show the struggles and victories of athletes as they try to get to the top, and they give viewers a great look at the human spirit.

Whether they are about individual sports or team sports, these movies celebrate the strength, determination, and persistence of those who work hard to be the best they can be. If you want to watch a good sports movie, here is the list of some of the best Sports Korean movies recommended to stream.

1. As One

as one korean movie 11

The true story of South Korea’s Hyun Jung Hwa and North Korea’s Li Bun Hui, who were distinguished table tennis players on their respective sides and rivals, when they were suddenly told that they would be playing on the same side.

2. Run Off

run off korean movie 11

Various women, including a North Korean defector, middle age woman, a banned short track skater, and a middle school student, come together to form the first South Korean woman’s national ice hockey team for the Olympics.

3. Glove

glove korean movie 11

A former baseball player is sent to the countryside to coach a team of hearing-impaired players. At first, he has a difficult time imagining how he can teach them baseball, but as he spends the time he starts to believe that they can play the game.

4. Champion

champion korean movie 11

A former arm-wrestling champion returns to South Korea from the US for a tournament. When he arrives, his friend gives him his biological mother’s address. Embraced by a new family, he prepares himself to make a mark in the tournament.

5. Take Off

take off korean movie 11

In 1997, South Korea bids to host the 2002 Winter Olympics. The judges responsible for picking the host city wonder how Korea could host the Olympics without having a national ski jump team. Because of this, a ski jumping team is quickly formed.

6. Baseball Girl

baseball girl korean movie 11

Soo In is a player on her high school baseball team. She is the only girl on the team and is talented. She wants to continue to play baseball after she graduates from high school. She struggles to join a professional baseball team.

7. No Breathing

no breathing korean movie 11

Woo Sang and Won Il are two swimmers. Not only do they become rivals, but they also fall for the same girl. The two very different young men begin training for an upcoming swimming competition, battling for love and friendship.

8. Punch Lady

punch lady korean movie 11

Ha Eun’s husband is a mixed martial arts champion who does not hesitate to practice low kicks outside the ring. She decides she cannot take it any longer and, in a spur of passion, publicly challenges him to a duel in the ring.

9. Split

split korean movie 11

Chul Jong was a promising professional bowler, but he had an unfortunate accident. Since then, he has disconnected himself from the world. He then meets Young Hoon, who has unlimited potential as a bowler but also has autism.

10. Perfect Game

perfect game korean movie 11

The Lotte Giants’ Dong Won and the Haitai Tigers’ Dong Yeol are rival pitchers in 1980s baseball. The movie depicts the legendary match of May 16, 1987, which baseball fans recall as “the perfect match,” when Choi and Sun compete as pitchers for the last time.

11. A Barefoot Dream

a barefoot dream korean movie 11

Coach Kim Won Kang is a former soccer player who failed to manage his business after his soccer career. After his business goes under, he travels to the small country of East Timor to open up a store and coach a youth soccer team.

12. Marathon

marathon korean movie 11

Cho Won is a young man with autism. He seems to have a knack for running. After placing third in a race, his mother decides to hire a coach to train her son. He then decides to take part in a marathon and hopes to break the fastest record of three hours.

13. Lifting King Kong

lifting king kong korean movie 11

The story of an early retired bronze medalist weightlifter who reluctantly takes a position as a coach for a middle school girl’s weightlifting team in a small rural village. The team has to struggle to succeed in what is a difficult and unpopular sport.

14. Pacemaker

pacemaker korean movie 11

Once a promising marathon runner, Man Ho was forced to give up his dreams because of a critical leg injury. He then became a pacemaker – a runner who leads his team during the first section of a marathon event before dropping out.

15. Champ

champ korean movie 11

Seung Ho is a former horse jockey who becomes involved in a serious accident that kills his wife and damages his eyesight. His life and career crash downhill, but now get a second chance with the help of his daughter and an injured horse.

16. Fists Of Legend

fists of legend korean movie 11

The story of three legendary street-fighting high school friends and rivals who reunite 25 years later for the biggest fight of their lives on a television show. They reconcile their broken friendship from the past and encounter true victory.

17. Forever The Moment

forever the moment korean movie 11

Hae Kyung returns to Korea to become the replacement coach for Korea’s national team. To improve the team she asks her former teammates and a former professional handball player to join the team and regain their past glory.

18. Rikidozan

rikidozan korean movie 11

Story of Rikidozan, a sumo wrestler who can only achieve limited success in Japan because he’s half Korean. But when Rikidozan goes to the United States and discovers professional wrestling, he introduces the sport to the Japanese.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some recommended sports Korean movies you can watch and feel the rush in your heart. Now grab the popcorn, dim the lights, and watch your favorite movie.

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