Top 12 Popular Thriller Korean Dramas Of 2023 So Far

This year's thriller dramas are on next level. With more dramas coming up, here are the best thrillers to watch right now.

Some Kdramas fans say that the year 2023 is one of the best years because a lot of amazing dramas have been released or are going to be released in the upcoming months. They are also excited to see which of them wins the most awards.

Korean dramas have now become a part of our lives. We watch them to blow away our stress with their simple plots, cheerful characters, and good OSTs. Watching them makes us happy.

Best Thriller Kdramas Of 2023

While some cheesy rom-com dramas have been released in 2023, there are also a few amazing thriller dramas that you can watch. They are packed with suspense, mystery, and plot twists to keep you hooked.

thriller korean dramas 2023

If you’re looking for the best thriller Korean dramas, here is the list. These dramas have high ratings and are the popular ones that are appreciated by a large number of viewers. Let’s get to the list.

1. Revenant

A demon-possessed woman and a man who can see demons work together to solve the inexplicable deaths of five people. As they come closer to the truth, they find a sinister scheme that may endanger their lives.

revenant kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Tae Ri as Ku San Young
  • Oh Jung Se as Yeom Hae Sang
  • Hong Kyung as Lee Hong Sae
  • Yang Hye Ji as Baek Se Mi

No. Of Episodes – 12

Watch On – Disney+

2. Taxi Driver 2

Hangul: 모범택시

Year: 2021

Do Gi is a taxi driver for a company that offers a service called “revenge call” to its customers. It is a secret group that takes care of people whom the law failed to protect. Do Gi and his coworkers will take revenge for customers who ask them to.

taxi driver kdrama 11


4 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Gi
  • Esom as Kang Ha Na
  • Kim Eui Sung as Jang Sung Chul
  • Pyo Ye Jin as Ahn Go Eun

No. Of Episodes: 16 (65 min. each)

Streaming Options (region-specific):

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3. Bloodhounds

The drama is about three young people who have a lot of debt. To pay off their bills, they decide to work for a famous person in the business of lending money. But they soon find themselves involved with a dangerous group of criminals.

bloodhounds kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Woo Do Hwan as Kim Geon Woo
  • Lee Sang Yi as Hong Woo Jin
  • Kim Sae Ron as Cha Hyeon Joo
  • Park Sung Woong as Kim Myung Gil

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Netflix

4. Decoy

A former lawyer turned detective looks into a series of murders that are linked to a presumed-dead scammer. He works with a reporter on this investigation, but they soon realize that they are not the only ones looking for the killer.

decoy kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Jang Geun Suk as Koo Do Han
  • Heo Sung Tae as Noh Sang Cheon
  • Lee Elijah as Jeon Na Yeon
  • Yoo Sung Joo as Park Sang Do

No. Of Episodes – 12

Watch On – Viki, Prime Video

5. Lies Hidden In My Garden

Joo Ran, a perfect housewife, discovers an odd fragrance in her backyard. She discovers Sang Eun, a domestic violence victim with a dark secret. They must work together to unearth the truth and justice as their lives intertwine.

lies hidden in my garden kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Tae Hee as Joo Ran
  • Im Ji Yeon as Sang Eun
  • Kim Sung Oh as Jae Ho
  • Choi Jae Rim as Yoon Beom

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On- Viki, Prime Video

6. Black Knight

In the year 2071, the air is so polluted that you can’t survive without a mask. Since most of the Korean peninsula is now a wasteland and only 1% of its original population is left, delivery drivers are very important to the survival of the people.

black knight kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Woo Bin as “5-8”
  • Song Seung Heon as Ryu Seok
  • Kang Yoo Seok as Sa Wol
  • Esom as Seol Ah

No. Of Episodes – 6

Watch On – Netflix

7. Duty After School

Hangul: 방과 후 전쟁활동

Year: 2023

The drama, which is based on a webtoon, tells the story of kids from all over the country who are forced to fight for survival after a mysterious alien invasion and against each other in order to earn bonus points before taking the SAT.

duty after school kdrama 12


4 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Shin Hyun Soo as Lee Chun Ho
  • Im Se Mi as Park Eun Young
  • Kim Ki Hae as Kim Chi Yeol
  • Lee Soon Won as Kim Won Bin

No. Of Episodes :10 (75 min. each)

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8. My Perfect Stranger

Hae Joon and Yoon Young travel back to the year 1987. There, Hae Joon tries to find the truth about the murder case, and Yoon Young tries to prevent her parents from marrying. They soon realize that their objectives are connected.

run into you Kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Kim Dong Wook as Yoon Hae Joon
  • Jin Ki Joo as Baek Yoon Young
  • Seo Ji Hye as Soon Ae (1987)
  • Lee Won Jung as Hee Seop (1987)

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Viki, Kocowa

9. Stealer: The Treasure Keeper

The story of Dae Myung, a government official who is suddenly suspected to have something to do with Skunk, a mysterious person who steals cultural items. He joins an unofficial team to find the thief and fight people who can’t be caught by the law.

stealer the treasure keeper kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Joo Won as Hwang Dae Myung
  • Lee Joo Woo as Choi Min Woo
  • Jo Han Chul as Jung Tae In
  • Kim Jae Won as Shin Chang Hoon

No. Of Episodes – 12

Watch On – Viu

10. Moving

The drama is about three high school students who have inherited superpowers from their parents. It will look at how they learn to use their powers and hide them from others while their parents try and protect them from being used by others.

moving kdrama 12

Cast –

  • Ryu Seung Ryong as Jang Joo Won
  • Han Hyo Joo as Lee Mi Hyun
  • Zo In Sung as Kim Doo Shik
  • Cha Tae Hyun as Jeon Gye Do

No. Of Episodes – 20

Watch On – Disney+, Hulu

11. The Killing Vote

When criminals don’t get punished by the law, everyone gets a text message asking if that person should get the death sentence. If more than half of the people vote for death, Dog Mask kills that person.

the killing vote kdrama preview

Cast –

  • Park Hae Jin as Kim Moo Chan
  • Park Sung Woong as Kwon Seok Joo
  • Im Ji Yeon as Joo Hyun
  • Jung Heon as Oh Jeong Ho

No. Of Episodes – 12

Watch On – Prime Video

12. Pandora: Beneath The Paradise

Tae Ra is a woman who has forgotten things about herself. When her husband runs for president, she gets a lot of attention. But when her memories start coming back, she realises that her perfect life was all made up by someone else.

pandora beneath the paradise kdrama 11

Cast –

  • Lee Ji Ah as Hong Tae Ra
  • Lee Sang Yoon as Pyo Jae Hyun
  • Jang Hee Jin as Ko Hae Soo
  • Park Ki Woong as Jang Do Jin

No. Of Episodes – 16

Watch On – Disney+

Wrapping Up

So these are some recommended thriller dramas to keep you engaged till the end. It is sure that you will be amazed while watching them and will also share them with your friends who like this type of drama.

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