Top 21 Best Underrated Korean Movies That Are Less-Known

Here are some recommended movies that most of the people don't know about. Read on to find out more.

Korean movies are now competing with Hollywood movies & are gaining more audience. People all over the world are appreciating the Korean entertainment industry.

Netflix is also investing a large amount of money in Korean content & we will get to see many Korean dramas and movies ahead. It is good to see that Korea is getting more recognition.

Some of the popular movies that are recognized worldwide include Parasite, Oldboy, Miracle in Cell No. 7, Train To Busan, and many more. Thriller movies are one of the best genres in South Korea.

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Underrated Korean Movies

While many movies are known to people, some movies go under the radar and they are too good to watch. Even people who are into Korean content tend to miss these movies.

Underrated Korean movies

In this article, you will get to know some good Korean movies that are less-known to people & you should give them a try. All the genres are included so you can pick your favorite.

1. Swing Kids

swing kids korean movie 11

A musical drama film that tells the story of soldiers at the Geoje prison camp during the Korean War in 1951 plans a tap show to distract themselves and the prisoners from the hardships of the Korean War. They all have their own needs.

2. Hello Ghost

hello ghost Korean movie 11

Sang Man attempts to commit suicide but finds himself in a hospital. He then starts seeing ghosts who will go away after their wishes are fulfilled. Sang Man tries to fulfill their wishes but finds the pleasure of life. The twist is at the ending.

3. Innocent Witness

innocent Witness korean movie 11

Soon Ho is an attorney who is engaged to deal with a murder case. The only witness, in this case, is an autistic high school student named Ji Woo. To convince Ji Woo to attend the trial as a witness, he decides to meet her and befriends her for her testimony.

4. Pandora

pandora korean movie 11

A nuclear power plant in a small town explodes due to an unexpected earthquake & hydrogen gas gets released. To stop the spreading of gas & exposing the people to radiation, Jae Hyuk goes into the nuclear power plant to save the people.

5. In Between Seasons

in between seasons korean movie 11

Soo Hyun brings home his friend Yong Joon to stay. A few years later, Soo Hyun gets into an accident and is hospitalized in critical condition. Later, his mother discovers a secret her son and Yong Joon have been keeping from her.

6. A Day

a day korean movie 11

Joon Young, a surgeon, isn’t a very good father to his daughter. One day, he sees his daughter die in an accident in front of him. From that moment, the same day repeats itself and he struggles to find the secret with an ambulance driver who also loses his wife.

7. The Way Home

The way home korean movie 11

Sang Woo is brought to his grandma’s house in the countryside for a while as his mom has to work. He hates his grandma who knows nothing about fast food and hates rural life. But the way going back home to the city is not pleasant as he thought.

8. The Attorney

the attorney korean movie 11

Song Woo Seok graduated from high school and eventually passed the exam. He is now an attorney in Busan specializing in tax law. His friend’s son Jin Woo, who is a student activist is brutally tortured and put on trial. Woo Seok decides to defend Jin Woo as his client.

9. Christmas in August

christmas in august korean movie 11

Jung Won, who suffers a fatal disease, runs a photo studio. One day, he meets Da Rim who comes daily to his studio to develop snapshots. He falls in love with Da Rim. But, will their love survive due to Jung Won’s bad health?

10. Voice Of Silence

voice of silence korean movie 11

Tae In & Chang Bok work for a crime organization. Their job is to clean up the messes done by the crime organization. They receive an order from their boss to take care of a kidnapped girl. The superior gets killed and they don’t know what to do with the girl.

11. Blind

blind korean movie 11

Detectives look for a witness for a case. Soo Ah, a blind witness appears. She can reveal important clues on the case. Another witness gives contradictory statements to her. The investigation then goes through many twists, while she finds herself up against the killer.

12. Door Lock

door lock korean movie 11

Kyung Min lives alone in a studio apartment. One day, she finds her door lock cover left open. Through this, she finds a trace of a stranger breaking into her room and soon a mysterious murder case begins to unravel.

13. No Mercy

no mercy korean movie 12

A pathologist attends his last case of a murdered girl. An environmental activist is caught & the case seems solved. When the pathologist’s daughter gets kidnapped, he tries to find the kidnapper but with a twist.

14. Miss & Mrs. Cops

miss and mrs cop korean movie 11

Mi Young works in the public service center at a police station. Ji Hye is her sister-in-law as well as a rookie policewoman who works at the same center. They team up to solve the case of a young woman committing suicide and discover more about it.

15. Believer

believer korean movie 11

The movie centers on Detective Won Ho trying to bust a major drug cartel run by an enigmatic character named Mr. Lee. He teams up with a low-level drug dealer to bring down the psychotic & dangerous kingpin.

16. Cold Eyes

Cold eyes korean movie 11

Rookie Detective Yoon Ju becomes the newest member of a surveillance team of a special crime unit. She teams up with Chief Detective Hwang Sang Jun, the veteran leader of the unit, and attempts to stop a group of criminals from robbing a bank.

17. Hide and Seek

hide and seek korean movie 11

A man receives a phone call that his brother is missing and goes to his brother’s apartment to look for him. There, he finds strange symbols carved into every door. When he returns home, he finds similar symbols carved into his door.

18. The Swordsman

the swordsman korean movie 11

Tae Yul, the best swordsman, lives in seclusion with his daughter Tae Ok in the mountains. As his eyesight begins to fail due to an old injury, Tae Ok seeks to find a treatment for him. When she is captured and taken away, Tae Yul is forced to raise his sword again to save her.

19. Innocence

innocence korean movie 11

Jung In, a lawyer whose mother was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband’s funeral hut can’t remember due to memory loss, tries to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor.

20. Oasis

oasis korean movie 11

Jong Dub is mentally disabled man who has just been released from jail after serving for three years. He visits the family of the man he killed and meets the daughter who has cerebral palsy. They slowly begin a friendship based on their mutual feelings.

21. Poetry

poetry korean movie 11

An elderly woman who has Alzheimer’s finds herself lost in poetry. Her grandson is linked to the violent death of a girl, and she finds herself caught up in a conspiracy to pay money to the dead girl’s family. She goes through unfortunate consequences.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best underrated Korean movies that you should watch. There are many more movies that don’t have many viewers but still are good. You can find them on your own.

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