Top 15 Most Underrated Korean Romantic Movies To Watch

Have you watched all the popular romantic movies? Then you need to watch these movies that are highly underrated.

The South Korean cinema industry is now being recognized worldwide with some popular movies like Parasite, The Childe, Concrete Utopia, and more. With unique stories, beautiful direction, and actors, Korean films are exciting.

Everyone loves to watch romance movies, as they are filled with positive vibes and cheesy moments between the main leads. There are a lot of Korean dramas and movies that you can watch for heartwarming romance.

underrated korean romance movies

You may have watched some popular romantic movies like Be with You, Always, Tune in for Love, etc. But there are more films that haven’t been watched by the majority of the audience, and here is a list of underrated romantic movies that you need to watch.

1. The Name

the name korean movie 11

Ri Ae, a skilled artist, gets a new heart, which saves her life but makes her realize that she doesn’t have much time left. She wants to leave her mark on the world through her art. Her mother and a mysterious artist, Cheol Woo, help her.

2. Postman To Heaven

heavens postman korean movie

One day, a young and promising CEO of an IT company gets a job as a mailman. He takes the mail of people who are sad about the death of a loved one straight to heaven. This task interests a young woman, so she starts to work with him.

3. Man In Love

man in love korean movie 11

A low-level criminal who has never been in love meets a bank clerk who is trying to pay off her father’s debt. An unlikely romance develops between them, but their happiness is threatened when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

4. Snow In Sea Breeze

snow in sea breeze korean movie 11

Sun Mi, a perfumer with a terminal illness, falls in love with Sang Woo, who works at an aquarium. Even though they are different, they find comfort in each other and enjoy their time together, knowing that their love will not last.

5. The Plan Man

the plan man korean movie 11

Jung Suk is a librarian who is obsessive-compulsive and must set plans for everything. Unable to get along well with others due to such a personality, he falls for a convenience store worker Ji Won who is much like him.

6. Daisy

daisy korean movie 11

A beautiful painter is caught in a dangerous love triangle between a hitman and an Interpol officer who is after him. The movie follows her as she learns the dark secrets of her past and fights to stay alive in a world full of violence and betrayal.

7. 3 Iron

3 iron korean movie 11

A young drifter enters strangers’ houses and lives while owners are away. He spends a night or a day squatting at their home and repaying their hospitality by doing small works. One day, he enters a quiet home but finds an abused housewife in urgent need of his intervention.

8. My Bossy Girl

my bossy girl korean movie 11

A paralyzed shooter meets a shy engineering student. Even though they are different, they are drawn to each other and start dating. As they get closer, they help each other get through hard times and find out who they really are.

9. Oasis

oasis korean movie 11

Jong Dub is mentally disabled man who has just been released from jail after serving for three years. He visits the family of the man he killed and meets the daughter who has cerebral palsy. They slowly begin a friendship based on their mutual feelings.

10. New Year Blues

new year blues korean movie 11

Four couples face challenges and unexpected love in the week before New Year’s Eve. A divorced detective, a rehabilitation trainer, a travel agent, and an athlete navigate their relationships as they welcome a new year.

11. The Princess and the Matchmaker

the princess and the Matchmaker korean movie 11

Princess Songhwa refuses her fate of marrying someone who matches her marital harmony. There are four men on the list of her future husbands with different fates. She decides to leave the palace and find her husband by herself.

12. Mood Of The Day

mood of the day korean movie 11

On a work trip to Busan, Bae Soo Jung, who is already in a committed relationship, meets Kim Jae Hyun, a sports manager. They explore their emotions and each other’s conceptions of love during their 24-hour stay in the city.

13. Closer To Heaven

Closer to heaven korean movie 11

A heartbreaking love story unfolds when a woman who is dying falls in love with the caring hospice worker who is taking care of her. Their journey goes against the rules of society and shows how much love can do when things are hard.

14. The Magician

the magician korean movie 11

The top magician of Joseon, Hwan Hee, develops feelings for the princess, who is engaged to a prince. He utilizes his powers to rescue the princess after she is abducted, and the two of them struggle against fate together.

15. Innocent Steps

innocent steps korean movie 11

Former dancer Young Sae attempts to make a comeback. He brings to Korea Chae Rin, who he presumes is a talented dancer. Later, he finds out that she is an inexperienced dancer. He then attempts to turn her into a world-class dancer.

Wrapping Up

So these were some recommended romantic Korean films that are underrated but worth watching. If you have watched one of these movies and loved it, share this list with your friends and family.

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