Top 15 Most Underrated Korean Thriller Movies Of All Time

If you've watched all the popular thriller movies and are craving for more, here are some good movies that you don't want to miss.

When it comes to thriller and suspense movies, South Korea is among the top countries that produce excellent movies. With films like Parasite and Forgotten, Korean movies have gained recognition around the world.

There have been a lot of thriller Korean movies released till now, and a few of them are classics that are highly appreciated. And some movies haven’t been watched by the audience, and only a few of them know these movies.

underrated korean thriller movies

More than half of the movies are underrated and averagely rated. But these are also exciting to watch. Here are some of the most underrated Korean thriller movies that will keep you hooked till the end.

1. Anchor

Anchor korean movie 11

A woman calls a news presenter to report being murdered. After investigating, the anchor finds the woman and her daughter dead. She has hallucinations and makes blunders on live television, so she must find out about the killings.

2. No Mercy

no mercy korean movie 12

A pathologist attends his last case of a murdered girl. An environmental activist is caught & the case seems solved. When the pathologist’s daughter gets kidnapped, he tries to find the kidnapper but with a twist.

3. Eyes Closed

eyes closed korean movie 11

The youngest appointed criminal court judge finds that his life is uncannily identical to that of a judge who presided thirty years earlier. When his wife is killed, he has to act quickly to prevent his daughter from suffering the same fate.

4. A Hard Day

a hard day korean movie 11

A homicide detective accidently crashes a man on the road killing him while driving from his mother’s funeral. He tries to get rid of the body but is stalked by a mysterious man claiming to have witnessed the event..

5. The Whistleblower

the whistleblower korean movie 11

A news producer exposes the scientific fraud of a scientist who claims to have cloned human embryonic stem cells. Even if it means ending the scientist’s career, the producer must choose whether to reveal the fraud.

6. Insane

insane korean movie 11

Without knowing why, Kang is locked away in a psychiatric hospital, where she writes down disturbing events that take place there. Later, a TV broadcaster receives a notebook & feels horrified. He then meets Kang to uncover the truth.

7. Phantom Detective

phantom detective korean movie 11

Hong Gil Dong is a private investigator who has a perfect memory. He sets out to get revenge for the murder of his mother, but he soon gets caught up in a much bigger plot involving a powerful cult.

8. Monster

monster Korean movie 11

Bok Soon runs a street stall while taking care of her younger sister. Her peaceful life is disrupted when a serial killer named Tae Soo murders her sister. Her rage consumes her completely as she stalks the killer.

9. Intimate Strangers

intimate strangers korean movie 11

Four friends play a game where they have to share all the new text messages and calls that come in on their cell phones. The game starts out fun, but as the secrets start to come out, the friends start to feel more like strangers.

10. Time To Hunt

time to hunt korean movie 11

Jun Seok wants to leave the city and start a new life. For that, he sets up a reckless crime plan. He enlists the help of three friends Ki Hoon, Jang Ho, and Sang Soo. However, the expectations for the future are short-lived, and a mysterious man begins to chase them, seeking their lives.

11. Confession

confession korean movie 11

Yoo Min Ho wakes up in a hotel room to find his lover dead. He says he is innocent, but there is a lot of proof against him. He hires a lawyer to prove that he is not guilty, but the truth may not be as simple as it seems.

12. Missing You

missing you korean movie 11

A young woman waits for the release of the serial killer who was found guilty of killing her father 15 years ago. She is helped by a detective who wants to prove that the killer is responsible for more killings.

13. Montage

montage korean movie 11

15 years ago, a kidnapper disappeared. Five days before the case’s statute of limitations expires, someone leaves a flower at the crime scene. A few days later, another crime takes place using the same method on a similar target.

14. Perfect Number

perfect number korean movie 11

A math teacher watches as his neighbor kills her cruel ex-husband. He helps her cover up the crime by coming up with a perfect alibi, but the cops are suspicious, so they have to work together to stay one step ahead of them.

15. Hide and Seek

hide and seek korean movie 11

A man receives a phone call that his brother is missing and goes to his brother’s apartment to look for him. There, he finds strange symbols carved into every door. When he returns home, he finds similar symbols carved into his door.

Wrapping Up

So these were the best thriller films that are less known to people and that you need to watch right now. You can stream most of them on Netflix, YouTube, and free websites.

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