Websites To Watch Korean Dramas Online For Free (2021)

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You love to watch Korean dramas, right? Well, Netflix has a vast collection of kdramas, but to watch them, you need to buy a Netflix subscription. If you don’t have money to buy a subscription, don’t worry.

Korean dramas are addictive. If you once start watching them, you never stop. They have the best storylines, actors, romance & soundtracks. The difference in culture is also a reason.

It is not necessary to pay Netflix. Even Netflix doesn’t have all the dramas. What if you have the subscription but the drama you want to watch is not on Netflix? Then, you will search the internet.

Websites To Watch Korean Dramas Online

Websites to watch korean dramas online for free

To save you from wasting your time searching the internet for your favorite drama, here are some of the websites where you can watch Korean dramas online for free. Yes!

Whether you have a smartphone or Laptop, you can access these websites & watch dramas for free. Some of the websites also allow you to download so that you can watch later.

1. Viki

Viki - watch korean dramas online for free

Viki is one of the best legal ways to watch Korean dramas for free. It has some of the popular dramas that you can watch for free. Some of the dramas included are –

  • Mr. Queen
  • W: Two Worlds
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • The Penthouse
  • Descendants Of The Sun
  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Tale Of The Nine-Tailed
  • The Legend Of The Blue Sea
  • Goblin
  • Suspicious Partners
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Hotel Del Luna
  • Heirs
  • My Love From The Star
  • Healer
  • The K2
  • Empress Ki, etc.

Other than the above ones, there are many more dramas but they come under Viki Pass that you need to buy. But, there are many dramas to watch for free on Viki.

All the dramas on Viki are subbed. It means you can watch your favorite dramas with subtitles. But what if the drama you want to watch is not available on Viki? Read the next one.

2. KissAsian

KissAsian - watch korean dramas online for free

The best of the best. You will get to watch all the dramas & movies on this website. Whether it be Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai you will get to watch all the dramas from A to Z.

The dramas are already subbed in English & are available in many video qualities to watch. There are many servers to watch. If one server doesn’t work, then you can watch the other one.

KissAsian also provides an option to download the episodes of some dramas. It is recommended to watch dramas on this website as you get all the drama here. So, you don’t have any need to search on the internet.

The website is mobile-friendly too. You can watch the dramas on your smartphone easily. Though there are some ads on the website, they don’t disturb you much.

Visit –

3. Dramacool

Dramacool - watch korean dramas online for free

Dramacool is similar to KissAsian website. You will get to watch all the dramas & movies on this website for free. You can even download them after creating an account.

It also has a list of all the dramas where you can search, filter them by release year, genre, country & status. It becomes easy to find a new drama to watch if you like a certain genre.

The website includes a drama calendar where you can see which episode of which drama was aired on the TV & watch them accordingly. This feature is not available on KissAsian.

Visit –

4. YouTube

YouTube - watch korean dramas online for free

A lot of dramas are available on YouTube to watch. These dramas are uploaded by official TV channels of South Korea. Hence, they are subbed too.

Two channels provide full dramas to watch – SBS World & KBS World TV. The dramas that are aired on these channels are available to watch on YouTube free of cost.

Some of the dramas available –

  • Dr. Romantic
  • The Heirs
  • Pinocchio
  • My Strange Hero
  • Dr. Romantic 2
  • The Last Empress
  • Dr. Stranger
  • Secret Garden
  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • I Can Hear Your Voice
  • Master’s Son
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Fight For My Way
  • Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

5. ViewAsian

ViewAsian - watch korean dramas online for free

The name itself says view Asian dramas. If KissAsian or Dramacool doesn’t work for you, try ViewAsian. The website has almost all the dramas & movies that you can watch for free.

The website allows you to watch dramas from different servers. If one doesn’t work, you can try the other one. While trying to watch, you may see ads, but they are necessary for website owners to keep running the website.

There is also a comment section available on every drama’s page where you can comment, reply to other’s comments. This community feature is quite good & it is available on KissAsian too.

Visit –

6. Dramahood

Dramahood - watch korean dramas online for free

Dramahood is another option to watch dramas for free. The best thing is that it works very fast, videos load fastly & there are fewer ads compared to other websites.

Though there are not many servers available to select from, the given servers work most of the time. You can download the episode directly from the video which is a good thing.

In addition to dramas, there are various movies available too. If you want to watch some Korean movies, Dramahood is a good option for you. Movies are also available on the above websites.

Visit –

7. FDrama

Fdrama - watch korean dramas online for free

FDrama is a great website if the above websites doesn’t work for you. This website contains all the Korean dramas & is regularly updated with new episodes with English subtitles.

The website is mobile-friendly & fast to load. Many different servers are available to choose from in order to watch kdrama episodes. But, you have to suffer through ads. Each of the drama has a comment section too.

Besides dramas, many Korean movies are also listed on the website to watch for free. Chinese, Taiwanese, Thailand & Japanese Dramas are also available on this website.

Visit –

8. OneTouch TV

OneTouch TV - watch kdramas free

This website looks just like an app where you can stream your favourite dramas easily. The best thing of this website is that it is easy to navigate & can be easily used on mobile.

There are no ads on the website but some ads are shown before streaming an episode. If you want to run away from pop ads, this website is suitable for you.

Other than Korean dramas, movies are also available. Dramas from China & Thailand can be streamed for free on OneTouch TV. You can watch latest dramas for free.

Visit –

9. DramaDay

DramaDay - watch korean dramas online for free

DramaDay is a website where you can download dramas from various websites like MEGA, Google Drive, Uptobox, Zippyshare, etc. It doesn’t allow you to watch dramas online.

You can download the episodes in various qualities (540p, 720p, 1080p). In this way, you can save up your internet data & device storage. The download links are high-speed.

The only demerit is that the subtitles are not included in the video, you have to download them externally. But, don’t worry you get a link to download subtitles on the same page.

No only dramas, you can also download original soundtracks (OSTs) of dramas. This feature is not available on any of the above websites (except YouTube). You can download a single track or a whole album.

Visit –

10. Telegram

Telegram - watch korean dramas online for free

Don’t underestimate the power of Telegram. It has become the new platform for all movies & dramas over the world. Many Telegram channels upload content every day.

You can also get some dramas on Telegram where you can download them. You just need to search for them in the app. You will also be able to find some dramas dubbed in other languages.


So, these were the 8 websites/platforms where you can watch or download Korean dramas for free. No need to pay for a Netflix subscription or traveling to South Korea & watch them on TV.

Viki & YouTube are the only legal ways to watch dramas online. The other ones are illegal as it breaks the copyright law. But still, you can watch dramas on them without any fear (to be on the safe side, use VPN).

The best ones & recommended ones are KissAsian, Dramacool & Dramahood. If you don’t want to watch & download dramas to watch later, go for DramaDay or Telegram.

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Keep watching dramas !!


What are the best websites to watch dramas online for free?

Some of the best websites are KissAsian, Dramacool, Dramahood, DramaDay, ViewAsian, Viki & YouTube. You can watch all the dramas on these websites free of cost.

Is Viki App free to use?

Yes, the Viki app is free to use. You can watch some of the popular dramas for free. To watch more dramas, you need to buy Viki Pass i.e subscription.

How can I download dramas for free?

You can download Korean dramas from KissAsian, DramaDay, Dramacool, YouTube & Dramahood.

What apps can I use to watch dramas for free?

You can use Viki, YouTube & Telegram app to watch kdramas for free. Other than these three, there are websites to watch & download dramas.