[Crossword Puzzle] Name These Korean Dramas Of 2020

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About 100 Kdramas were released in the year 2020. We got to see some of the best dramas. And if you have watched some dramas in 2020, here is a crossword for you to test your love towards Korean dramas.

You have to find the correct drama based on the storyline. A short storyline will be given to you & you have to identify the kdrama based on it. Let’s get it!

Play Kdrama Crossword

kdrama 2020 story crossword

To solve the crossword, click on the play button below. The crossword will open in a new tab. You can play this game easily on a desktop or laptop.

The names of the dramas are to be filled up without space in between. You can refresh the page to change the layout of the crossword.

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