Bad and Crazy (2021) Drama: Plot, Cast, Trailer, Photos

Bad and crazy poster 1
  • Director – Yoo Seon Dong
  • Screenwriter – Kim Sae Bom
  • Genre – Action, Thriller, Fantasy
  • No. Of Episodes – 12
  • Airing Period – Dec 17, 2021 to Jan 22, 2022
  • Duration – 60 min
  • Network – tvN, iQiyi


The drama is about Soo Yeol who has lived his whole life as a materialistic police detective, but changes into a champion for justice and fights against police corruption when he meets ‘K’, a hero who throws a fist at injustice.

Hee Kyeom works as a police lieutenant in the drug investigation unit at a police department. She is enthusiastic and gets excessively immersed in mysterious cases to look for solutions.

Oh Kyung Tae is the youngest member of the anti-corruption investigation department of the National Police Agency. He always goes by the rules and has a pure personality. But he unintentionally gets swept up in an incident.


  • Lee Dong Wook as Soo Yeil
  • Han Ji Eun as Hee Gyeom
  • Wi Ha Joon as ‘K’
  • Cha Hak Yeon as Oh Kyung Tae
  • Sung Ji Ru as Bong Pil
  • Kim Dae Gon as Dong Yeol

Teasers & Trailer


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Bad and crazy photo 1
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Bad and crazy photo 10
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Bad and crazy photo 12 1
Bad and crazy han ji eun 1
Bad and crazy photo 14
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