Happiness (2021) Drama: Plot, Cast, Trailer, Updates

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  • Director – Ahn Gil Ho
  • Screenwriter – Han Sang Woon
  • Genre – Thriller, Action
  • No. Of Episodes – 12
  • Airing Period – Nov 5, 2021 to Dec 11, 2021
  • Duration – 1 hr 10 min
  • Network – tvN, TVING


Set in the near future, an apartment building has been newly constructed. The residents are from diverse backgrounds, but a new infectious disease breaks out. The drama depicts the subtle psychological battle and the class discrimination that occurs.

Yoon Sae Bom is a member of a special police squad. She is decisive and has fast judgement. She is excited to move into her new apartment, but, as soon as moves there, she faces a crisis.

Jung Yi Hyun is a smart and honest detective who, for a long time, has held romantic feelings for Sae Bom. They graduated from the same high school. He struggles to protect Sae Bom and other people.

Han Tae Seok is a lieutenant colonel and belongs to the health service command. After being discharged, he worked at a pharmaceutical company. He is the perfect person for a position dealing with infectious diseases.


  • Han Hyo Joo as Yoon Sae Bom
  • Park Hyung Shik as Jung Yi Hyun
  • Jo Woo Jin as Han Tae Seok
  • Park Joo Hee as Ji Soo
  • Lee Ji Ha as Jo Ji Hee
  • Baek Hyun Jin as Oh Joo Hyung

Teasers & Trailers


Happiness photo 4
Happiness photo 5
Happiness photo 6
Happiness photo 3
Happiness photo 2
Happiness photo 1
Han Hyo Joo Park Hyung Sik happiness
Park Hyung Sik happiness 2
Han Hyo Joo happiness 1
Park hyun sik happiness 1

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