Hyena (2020)

Hangul: 하이에나

Year: 2020

Lawyers Yoon Hee Jae and Jung Geum Ja work for the top 1% of society. Geum Ja is an attorney who only wants money. She does whatever it takes to win her fights. Hee Jae is a very smart and confident lawyer who is at the top of his field.

hyena kdrama 11


3 5 star rating

Main Cast (Characters):

  • Joo Ji Hoon as Yoon Hee Jae
  • Kim Hye Soo as Jung Geum Ja
  • Lee Kyung Young as Song Pil Joong
  • Kim Ho Jung as Kim Min Joo

No. Of Episodes: 16 (70 min. each)

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