School 2021 Drama: Plot, Cast, Trailer, Updates

School 2021 poster 1
  • Director – Kim Min Tae
  • Screenwriter – Dong Hee Seon, Jo Ah Ra
  • Genre – Romance, School
  • No. Of Episodes – 16
  • Airing Period – Nov 24, 2021 to Jan 13, 2022
  • Duration – 1 hr 10 min
  • Network – KBS2, Viki


The story of students attending high school and seeking their ambitions, rather than going off to college. It depicts their growing period of dreams, friendship, and excitement as they struggle through the undefined boundaries.

Gong Ki Joon is a hardworking student who loses his dream of taekwondo due to injury and is unsure of knowing what to do. Young Joo is a transfer student with a hidden story and a past connection to Ki Joon.

Jin Ji Won is a confident high school girl with a dream to become a carpenter. Seo Young is a gifted student who is preparing for college entrance exams. She wants to enter one of the top universities in Korea.

Ji Ho Sung is serious about every dream thats keeps changing & is a passionate fan of Go Eun Bi, an idol trainee, who is a person with a wound inside. There are other characters too.


  • Kim Yo Han as Gong Ki Joon
  • Choo Young Woo as Jung Young Joo
  • Jo Yi Hyun as Jin Ji Won
  • Kim Kang Min as Ji Ho Sung
  • Hwang Bo Reum Byeol as Kang Seo Young
  • Seo Hee Seon as Go Eun Bi

Teasers & Trailers


chu young woo school 2021
Kim Yo Han school 2021
Cho yi hyun school 2021
Hwang bo reum byeol school 2021
Kim yo han school 2021 poster
Cho yi hyun school 2021 poster
Chu young woo school 2021 poster
Hwang bo reum byeol School 2021 poster

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