Bored Of Rom-coms? Watch These Mystery-Thriller Kdramas

Are you bored of watching romcoms? Fed up with cheesy talks, kisses, oppa, etc? Then, you need some thrillers.

After binge-watching endless hours of romantic kdramas, it’s time to watch something more serious and fast-paced that will give you thrills and intensity.

If you’re in the mood for pure suspense or complex crime dramas here are 10 mind-blowing mystery thriller Korean dramas to binge-watch.

1. Search

Search is a military thriller drama that takes place in the Korean demilitarized zone. It follows the story of the ruthless attack of an unknown creature and the search operation of an elite special force to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance and murder case.

Search kdrama

The drama revolves around a sergeant in the armed forces. He is also the military’s leading sniffer dog handler and is just one month away from receiving his long-awaited discharge. But with just weeks to go, a mysterious case threatens to suck him into a long and troublesome intrigue.

2. Memorist

The drama centers on a detective who solves a crime using his supernatural power to read people’s memories. When a string of serial murders happens, he teams up with a talented criminal profiler to stop the killer and prevent further deaths.

Memorist drama

However, as they pursue the killer the truth about their troubled pasts begins to unravel and the murders quickly become far more convoluted than anything they had foreseen. If you’re fond of solving crimes, then this action drama is perfect for you.

3. Flower Of Evil

The story revolves around a man who changes his identity to conceal his cruel past. But when his father’s crimes and other mysteries from his childhood begin to resurface in the media, his detective wife begins to suspect that he may be a serial killer.

Flower of evil kdrama

The couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face. Packed with page-turner thrills and melancholic romance, this drama is not your typical psychological and crime-solving.

4. Tunnel

The mystery thriller revolves around a successful detective whose life changes when he takes the lead in a serial homicide case. When he passes through a tunnel while chasing the culprit he time travels 30 years into the future.

Tunnel korean drama

He meets a new partner detective that has a high ability in an investigation. When the serial killer continues his murders that happened 30 years ago, the detective duo works together with a criminal psychologist to solve the unsolved murders and to catch the killer.

5. Kairos

This mystery drama is about a man who falls into despair after his daughter is kidnapped and a woman whose mother has disappeared. They connect through a phone call despite living one month apart to help solve each other’s cases.

Kairos drama

If you’re looking to begin your first ever Kdrama experience, beyond the usual romantic tropes then give this drama a try. Its plot may not be unique but it delivers carefully executed moments of suspense and some intriguing performances.

6. Signal

The drama follows a cold case profiler in 2015 and a detective in 1989 who work together to solve a series of related murders spanning three decades using a special walkie-talkie to communicate with each other. They not only solve crimes but prevent them from taking place.

Signal kdrama

If that isn’t enough to pull you to start this drama, Signal was inspired by true events a crime spree that took place in South Korea from 1986 to 1991. The drama also received widespread acclaim from the audience and critics alike for its story and performance.

7. Watcher

A brutal murder committed 15 years ago turned three lives upside down. A decade and a half years later, the trio of a detective, prosecutor & policeman brought together by fate goes on the hunt for answers.

Watcher korean drama

They become members of an internal affairs investigation team for the police and try to dig up the truth. They also uncover the corruptions & injustice that prevails in the police department.

8. The Good Detective

When a five-year-old murder case is reopened after new evidence is revealed, the veteran detective responsible for the potentially wrong conviction teams up with a young hotshot to uncover the truth.

The good detective kdrama

The stories of those who try to hide ugly truths and those who uncover the truths. If you like detective stories, this drama will not disappoint. It delivers an excellent plot that is very well structured from beginning to end.

9. 365: Repeat The Year

The drama follows a group of ten people who gets an opportunity to reset their lives and travel back one year in the past to create a better future for themselves. But mysterious events start to happen that begin a survival game where they fight against their destiny.

365 Repeat The year drama

If you are into thrillers and had enough of the typical kdrama tropes this series is a must-watch it has a well-written storyline that is executed very nicely with twists and turns that are mind-blowing and unpredictable.

10. Voice

The story focuses on a successful detective who becomes guilt-ridden after his wife was murdered while he was at work and a tough policewoman who was gifted with perfect psycho acoustic skills and went for voice profiling.

Voice drama

The procedural thriller follows the lives of 112 emergency call center employees as they fight against crimes using the sounds that they hear. The two team up as the golden time team and solve cases together chasing after the serial killer who took their loved ones.

Whether you’re in the mood for pure suspense fast-paced action or mind-blowing twists, you’ll surely find something from this list of thrilling Korean dramas.

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