Funny Kdrama Memes Collection (September 2021)

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Here are 30 funny memes of the September 2021 edition. You can share these memes on your social media or with your friends. Just download the meme & share anywhere.

kdrama meme 34 FGWno4ZXhe
Once you start watching, you get addicted to kdramas
kdrama meme 55 RmsPZ4EEPf
When your kdrama ends & you don’t know what to do with your life
kdrama meme 38 s4OGH5q9D
Scriptwriter Baek Mi Kyung revealed that she has finally begun writing the next season
kdrama meme 25 FkJ29y2i9
Kim Woo bin lives in Lee Min Ho’s heart ❤️ (Drama – The Heirs)
kdrama meme 2 a0U1Kl0aR8
Most of the times, second lead never gets the female lead
kdrama meme 36 6vNUmA5znM
People in Korea don’t speak with subtitles. Let’s get ready to learn some Korean.
kdrama meme 52 PwVga9Zgc
Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t need to try, he is already handsome.
kdrama meme 24 uLmahqe39
Everyone’s Mom thinks their children are alien. But, they love them 💕
kdrama meme 50 J77HEZtikP
Now you can find atleast one Kdrama lover in your area or building
kdrama meme 51 hiJH9k1II
This means you can call yourself a doctor after watching some medical dramas
kdrama meme 26 ZJoEYJ31h
The night flies away & its time to wake up, but wait, I am already up!
kdrama meme 30 0kgtaaAK7
You have a special place in my heart along with Kdramas
kdrama meme 45 Zxw7 58PX3
Kim Bok Joo has told the truth but what happens if your oppa likes you back?
kdrama meme 4 101ONbhgp
If they are simple words, then it’s okay, we can understand them
kdrama meme 23 pKauc0ohZ
Kdrama OSTs are on another level, and we love to sing them
kdrama meme 57 Fk5yzGhW4H
Is the newbie learning a lot or destroying his sleep by beginning to watch dramas?
kdrama meme 54 btIq24v9h
Ae Ra got no chill (Drama – Fight For My Way)
kdrama meme 32 5wHjajn2De
Miracle in Cell no. 7 is a must-watch Korean movie.
kdrama meme 18 XtV954Vp
You need to watch Midnight Runners to understand this meme
kdrama meme 1 Mh5UmvmYw
Does Lee Min Ho know that he is really busy? (Drama – Boys Over Flowers)
kdrama meme 53 1VEfpj12 k
When someone watches Kdrama for the first time
kdrama meme 19 yG6wNnjoI4
Oppas are mine!! 🤤
No one disagrees with this meme
kdrama meme 49 nfg5pnsMt
Really, Kdramas are one of the best when it comes to emotions & plot
kdrama meme 22 jvj87qq6Tf
Oh me! I have been watching dramas all day. (all night too!)
kdrama meme 58 NNQIpEmfc
Sometimes it’s okay to give up (Drama – Fated To Love You)
kdrama meme 40 q0alZ4SZT
Is the boy with specs alive?
kdrama meme 20 H82OAMvudk
We know how it feels (& Kim Soo Hyun too)
kdrama meme 5 3E nImHMcL
Everyone’s first Kdrama felt somewhat weird, but that one drama got your mind.
kdrama meme 39 jvd vXj 5Z
A very hard decision. But, we know what are we going to choose.

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