Word Search Games

Here, you can play the word search game in various categories. This is a fun game you can play to pass your time or if you are bored. Read the instructions below.

  • You can change the size of the word search game anywhere from 8×8 to 20×20. The more is the size, more is the difficulty. As you increase the size, more words are added for you to find.
  • You have to find in all the directions – horizontal, vertical, diagonal & in reverse order too. Refreshing the page will shuffle the table.
  • To select a word, you have to click on the first alphabet of the word & then on the last alphabet. Sliding or dragging doesn’t work.
  • If you are finding it difficult to play a big size game on mobile, choose the desktop site option available in the browser’s menu.

Play Kdrama Word Search

Play Korean Movies Word Search

Play Korean Actors Word Search

Play Korean Actress Word Search

Play Kpop Idols Word Search

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