[Kdrama Quiz] Guess The Kdramas Based on Emojis (Part 2)

If you think you're good in using emojis, here is a fun game where you have to identify the drama based on emojis :)

Are you a kdrama lover & want to have some fun? If yes, then play this quiz to test your knowledge on kdramas.

Korean dramas are addicting. It is hard to stop watching them once you get into them. They have a good plot, emotional characters, heart-touching OSTs & acting is fabulous.

Kdrama Emoji Quiz

This is a simple quiz where you have to guess the drama through emojis. There are 15 questions & you have to give 12 of them correct to win this quiz.

guess dramas based on emojis quiz

To find out the correct drama name, just click on the scrambled name card and it’ll flip to show the correct answer.

Play The Quiz –


Dr. Romantic


The Good Bad Mother




Bad Prosecutor


Bloody Heart


Extraordinary Attorney Woo


Ghost Doctor


The Law Cafe


Link: Eat, Love, Kill


One Dollar Lawyer


Under The Queen’s Umbrella


Racket Boys




The Silent Sea


Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

So, how much you scored? If your score is above 12, you have won! If not, you need to watch more dramas. Get ready to binge-watch more korean dramas.

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Keep watching dramas !!

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