[Kdrama Quiz] Itaewon Class Quiz: Do You Remember?

If you have watched Park Seo Joon's drama 'Itaewon Class', take this quiz to test yourself.

Have you watched the Itaewon Class drama? It is one of the best inspirational Korean drama starring Park Seo Joon.

Itaewon Class is a Korean drama of 16 episodes aired from January 31, 2020 to March 21, 2020, on the jTBC channel in Korea. Now, it is available worldwide to watch on Netflix.

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Itaewon Class Quiz

To remind you the drama & have some fun, here is a small quiz comprising of 10 questions surrounding the drama. You have to give atleast 7 correct answers to win this quiz.

itaewon class drama quiz

Take the quiz –

1. What is the occasion when Saeroyi meets Soo Ah in Itaewon?

Valentine’s Day



New Year Eve

2. For what reason, Saeroyi goes to jail?

Hit and Run

Attempted murder



3. After getting released from the prison, Saeroyi starts his pub after how many years?





4. What is the profession of Park Bo Gum who makes a cameo appearance at the end?





5. What was the cause of Saeroyi’s father death?




Car accident

6. What country did Tony come from?





7. What is the name of Saeroyi’s pub?




Itaewon Class

8. What does Saeroyi do after getting released from the prison?

Company worker

Become a gangster

Become a waiter

Deep-sea fishing

9. Where does Seung Kwon come to know that Hyeon Yi is a transgender?

At the club

At the competition

At her house

At the pub

10. Who reveals that Hyeon Yi is a transgender during the competition?

Ye Seo

Soo Ah

Geun Soo

Geun Won

Sorry, you lost..

Sorry, you lost..

Woohoo!! You Win..

So how much score did you get? If you got at least 7 correct, congrats you remember the drama. But if you got below 7, don’t worry you still enjoyed the drama & quiz.

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