Don’t Call Yourself Kdrama Addict If You Fail This Quiz

If you think you're a certified Kdrama addict, test yourself by taking this small quiz.

Korean dramas are the best way to escape from the real world and enjoy their content. If someone starts watching them, it becomes difficult to stop because they are addictive.

If you’ve been watching Kdramas for a long time and want to test out if you are a real Kdramas addict, take this quiz. If you pass this quiz, you can call yourself an addict, and if you fail, you are still a beginner.

kdrama addict quiz

Take the quiz –

1. How many dramas have you watched in total?




More than 30

2. What is the Korean term for a grandmother?





3. Which of the following is not a common Kdrama trope?

Rich boy, poor girl



Piggyback ride

4. What is the slang for “do you want to sleep with me?”

Want to eat ramyeon?

Want to eat kimchi?

Want to drive a car?

Want to chill pill?

5. Which is not a common product placement in Kdramas?





6. What would you prefer?





7. Why do you watch Kdramas?

To get away from daily life

Just for timepass

To watch oppas and swoon over them

To chill and have fun

Congrats! You’re a certified Kdrama addict!

Sorry, you’re not a Kdrama addict. Keep watching more dramas and take this quiz again..

So are you a Kdrama addict? If yes, share this achievement with your friends and challenge them to play this quiz. Also, don’t stop watching dramas because they are taking up your time. If they make you happy, keep watching!!

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Hi! I'm Lily Park from USA. I started watching dramas as a hobby & now I'm addicted to them. Just can't stop watching them. My favorite drama is Business Proposal.

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