[Kdrama Quiz] Guess The Dramas of 2020 Based on Storyline

The year 2020 gave us good dramas despite of the lockdown. Play this fun quiz & identify them through their plot.

Around 100 Kdramas were released in the year 2020. We got to see some of the best dramas. And if you have watched some dramas in 2020, here is a quiz for you to test your love towards Korean dramas.

You have to choose the correct option based on the storyline. A short storyline will be given to you & you have to identify the kdrama based on it. This is a simple quiz. Hope you give the correct answers!

Kdrama Quiz Based on Storyline (2020)

Take this quiz & guess the correct dramas released in the year 2020. Share the score with your friends to show off your love towards kdramas.

guess 2020 drama based on storyline quiz

There are total of 20 questions. You have to give atleast 15 correct to prove yourself a Kdrama lover. Best Of Luck! Hwaiting!

Take the quiz –

1. Three young fashionistas are trying to make it big in the world of modelling.

She Was Pretty


Fashion King

Record Of Youth

2. Demon hunters pose as workers in a noodle shop in an effort to catch evil spirits hoping to find eternal life.

The Uncanny Counter

Mystic Pop-up Bar

Devil’s Diary

The Guest

3. A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea – and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide.

Crash Landing On You

Descendants Of The Sun

Sky Castle

My Love From The Stars

4. A former troublemaker applies for a job at a convenience store owned by the same man who ran errands for her a few years ago.

Itaewon Class

Backstreet Rookie

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Suspicious Partner

5. The drama revolves around a wedding dress designer, and her two husbands, who both hide their real identities from her.

Cheat on Me If You Can

The Spies Who Loved Me

More Than Friends

The World Of The Married

6. When the ghost of a woman gains a second chance at life for 49 days, she reappears in front of her remarried husband and young daughter.

Go Back Couple

Familiar Wife

Oh My Ghost

Hi Bye, Mama!

7. A Korean emperor tries to close the doors to a parallel world which was opened by demons; a detective tries to protect the people and the one she loves.


The King: Eternal Monarch


Zombie Detective

8. A pianist hits rock bottom and finds herself at a piano academy in a small village where she falls in love with a mystery man.


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

When the Camellia Blooms

Hello, Me!

9. A drama that sheds light on the lives of ordinary prosecutors working in a small district office.

Innocent Defendant


Diary Of a Prosecutor

Lawless Lawyer

10. A girl becomes very popular at school when her YouTube make-up channel becomes a success.

True Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Oh My Venus

Love Alarm

11. An ex-con and his friends fight to make their ambitious dreams for their street bar a reality.

Hotel Del Luna

Record Of Youth

Itaewon Class

Mystic Pop-up Bar

12. While strange rumors about their ill King grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.

Zombie Detective


Six Flying Dragons

The King: Eternal Monarch

13. A news anchorman who remembers every moment he’s ever lived forms a deep connection with a model-turned-actress who has lost the memories of her past.

When the Weather is Fine


Find Me in Your Memory

My Healing Love

14. A story where ten people get the chance to go back in time by one year, but unexpectedly mysterious situations start to arise when their fates are changed.

The Uncanny Counter

365: Repeat the Year

Dark Hole

Missing: The Other Side

15. Friends since undergrad school, five doctors remain close and share a love for music while working at the same hospital.


Dr. Romantic

Hospital Ship

Hospital Playlist

16. A chaebol heir to the TB Group and his bodyguard develop a close relationship.

Love in the Moonlight

Where Your Eyes Linger

Mr. Heart

Personal Taste

17. A road to emotional healing opens up for an antisocial children’s book author and an employee in a psychiatric hospital.

Hospital Playlist

He is Psychometric

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Psychopath Diary

18. Classical music students at a prestigious university find love and chase their dreams as they pursue their degrees.

Do You Like Brahms?

Graceful Friends

Moon Lovers

Record Of Youth

19. Determined to escape a dead-end life, a gifted high school student turns to a life of crime to ensure he can pay for college.

Moments Of Eighteen

18 Again

Extraordinary You


20. A man hides his cruel past and changes his identity while his detective wife tracks down his past.

The World Of The Married

Flower Of Evil

He is Psychometric


Sorry, you lost..

Sorry, you lost..

Woohoo!! You win..

So how much score did you get? If you got atleast 15 correct, congrats you are a real kdrama lover. But if you got below 15, you need to watch more kdramas. Get ready to binge watch!

Share this quiz with your friends to test their their knowledge on kdramas. You can share your score on social media to show off your love towards kdramas.

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