10+ Best Quotes From At A Distance, Spring is Green Drama

Reading quotes is a good way to motivate yourself and live a good life. Quotes can help you find new inspiration, motivate yourself to work, reach your goals, and much more. Here are some great quotes from “At A Distance, Spring is Green” drama.

At a distance spring is green quotes

This high school drama is about young people in their 20s and the problems they face in university. Yeo Joon is a first-year university student. He has a bright personality. So Bin is a 3rd-grade university student. She is sincere and honest.

You don’t always have to give. The other person might be willing to give instead.

You have to take charge of your own life.

If someone ever says awful things to you, it means that the person is hurting inside. Do not take it to heart.

There is no need to rush. Old wounds take time to heal.

If you fix things now, you can start over.

We put on a mask upon the mask we’re already wearing and try so hard to keep our true self hidden.

It’s hard to forgive someone who betrays your trust.

Some have nothing they want to protect even if they have money to do it.

It’s best not to go through hardships when you are young, but later on in life, those hardships become memories you cherish.

It’s painful for me to receive help when I can’t return the favor.

Do you know what’s really miserable? Being so broke that you can’t protect those who are dear to you.

People who think a lot tend to make fewer mistakes.

Being nice to everyone can lead to misunderstanding at times.

Some people just hover over what they want & always run away when they have to make a decision. Then they’d regret it over & over.

You’re already perfect. You’re the only one who doesn’t know that.

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