11+ Must-Read Quotes From Boys Over Flowers Kdrama

Here are some good quotes and lines from Lee Min Ho's classic and popular drama Boys Over Flowers.

Quotes can help you appreciate the good things in life. When you’re feeling down, a quote can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and remind you of all the things you have to be grateful for. Here are some great quotes from the “Boys Over Flowers” drama.

boys over flowers quotes

The drama follows Geum Jan Di, a poor girl who gets admitted to an elite high school for the super-wealthy. She is bullied by the F4, a group of four rich and handsome boys, but she eventually wins their respect and love.

The things you see with your eyes are not always real, but some things you need to see to believe.

Friends can’t be bought with money. You use your heart to reach out to them.

Shoes are always important. The right footwear gets you to the right places.

It’s not a dream. If it were, it wouldn’t have been so painful.

Guys don’t do things for no reason in front of the girl they like. There’s always a reason. I’m speaking from experience, so you can trust me.

His world, my world. There’s no such thing. If you’re in the same spot, looking in the same direction, that’s all that matters.

If everything works out by saying sorry, then why would there be laws in the world and why would there be police?

Opportunities in life only happen once. It’s like when you go to the store and see something but you don’t take it, maybe when you come back you won’t find it.

What’s so hard about love? You simply grab the other’s hand and refuse to let go.

Just because you were born male, doesn’t automatically make you a man. Becoming stronger from losing, yielding even though it is unfair, running away even though it’s shameful, overcoming self-confidence over time, that’s how one becomes a real man.

The most beautiful encounters are those with handkerchiefs. They wipe away your sweat when you’re tired, and your tears when you’re sad.

Throw away your misconception that all good girls want nice guys.

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