35+ Beautiful Kdrama Quotes About Love & Relationships

Here is a collection of some heartwarming and good relationship quotes from Korean dramas to flutter your heart.

Korean dramas have good stories, realistic people, and pretty views. Many people are unaware that they can provide helpful advice for handling relationships.

Kdramas display various aspects of love, including happy moments and sad confessions. Romantic comedy shows often show the main characters having a cheesy romance.

This blog has great quotes from Korean dramas about relationships. These quotes will make you think about love differently and may improve your relationships.

relationship quotes from kdramas

All relationships come to an end, for the lucky ones, they end with marriage, if not, with breakups.

There are some things you notice only after you have lost them.

Letting someone into your heart means that your heart can be easily broken by them. It also means you will not let go of them despite knowing that.

Two people who have spent a long time together do not need words to express their feelings.

You don’t always have to give. The other person might be willing to give instead.

When you kiss someone, everything becomes quiet and a second feels forever.

No love is everlasting. Love is like a see-saw. It goes up and down like a swing. Love isn’t meant to be in one place.

If you want to make people around you happy, you have to find your happiness first.

If someone shows up when you need them, you call that destiny.

People stick together because they are weak. We lean on each other like this. That’s what makes us human.

You shouldn’t stop people from doing what they want or liking someone.

Lending a shoulder to cry is more comforting than telling someone not to cry.

Having a feeling for someone means giving away a bit of your heart.

Breaking up with someone means you must say goodbye to everything you met through them.

Even if I have to worry about losing you every day, I want to have you in my heart.

You’re waiting for someone, but even you think that you’re pathetic. That’s not love. It’s an obsession.

Don’t forget that the person you should never forget in your life is not someone you hate but someone you like.

Embracing and warming someone’s body with your temperature is a more sincere act of affection than mere words.

Getting heartbroken is not a metaphor. You merely cannot see the wounds but the injury is real. The problem is that even the patient does not know about the injury because it does not bleed.

Even if you dated someone for ten years, the next person you meet could actually be your true love.

Not all goodbyes are sad. Breaking up after falling out of love is like stepping out of a tub filled with lukewarm water. It’s relieving.

People who were once abandoned tend to leave relationships before they get abandoned.

Betrayal hides on the other side of the friendship.

There are things you cannot undo in this world. Once you hurt a person’s feelings, it is difficult to change it.

Breaking up isn’t usually just one person’s fault. It’s the same for both sides.

They say there are two ways to make friends. Spend a lot of time with them, or make an impression.

The thing about love and hate is that there is a very thin line between them. They’re two sides of the same coin.

A secret between the two will surely be exposed to others someday.

We’re lovers only during the good times, and a burden to each other in the bad times.

It’s a gamble to confess your feelings. You either get it all or lose it all.

As long as we have memories of them, our loved ones are always with us.

You don’t realize your own feelings until they’re seen from a distance.

You have to be in love first for a breakup to be sad.

Even if you have more flaws than anyone else in the world, I still like you.

The biggest obstacle in love is none other than gaining the heart of the person you love.

Sometimes the closest people are the most dangerous.

Love compels us to do things for others that they can do themselves.

Wrapping Up

These relationship quotes remind us of how love and relationships can have a big effect on our lives and inspire us to make our relationships stronger.

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