Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Quotes To Read & Be Strong!

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Quotes

Strong woman do bong soon quotes

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a popular romantic Korean drama about a girl with extra strength. She is appointed as a bodyguard of a company’s CEO. The drama stars Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik. Read some of the quotes said by the characters.

To become lovers from friends is simple. One person has to take a step closer. And that one step changes their relationship.

There are limits to what you can achieve alone.

I’m only polite to those that are polite to me.

Nice men are players and mean men are swindlers.

It’s only when people are gone that you notice their presence in your life.

You should be more generous to those who are weaker than you.

Strength can only shine if you can control it.

But sometimes boundaries must be overlooked to save others from getting hurt.

Money is a universal language.

No love is everlasting. Love is like a see-saw. It goes up and down like a swing. Love isn’t meant to be in one place.

People badmouth and bully you when you’re different.


So, these were some great quotes from the drama Strong Girl Bong Soon. These quotes will help you at some point of your life. Don’t forget to read them on a daily basis.

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