10+ Best Quotes From The Heirs Kdrama With Life Lessons

Here are some amazing quotes and lines from Lee Min Ho's drama that you need to read right now.

Reading quotes can bring rapid bursts of inspiration and wisdom, providing insightful perspectives and motivation. They condense the knowledge of various brains into brief, thought-provoking sentences. Here are some great quotes from the “The Heirs” drama.

the heirs quotes

The drama is about a group of wealthy heirs who attend an elite high school. They are privileged, but they also have their own problems and secrets. The drama follows their lives as they deal with love, friendship, betrayal, and family conflict.

Your enemies are not the ones who hold their swords against you. They are the ones who stand by you with their daggers behind their backs.

The one who wants to wear the crown must bear its weight.

There are some things you are born with, and some given with money and time.

Without the proper care, there’s no beauty. Without beauty, there’s no boyfriend.

Life is long. Just because he’s not in my arms today doesn’t mean he won’t be here tomorrow as well.

You really can’t win over someone who insists on arguing.

Sometimes a harsh lesson is the right medicine. We take, we lose, we take over, we get taken over, welcome to the world of greed.

Sometimes finding an excuse is helpful when you can’t bring up the courage.

Don’t waste your life for one moment of eye contact or heartbeat.

Friends can be potential enemies. Because they know too much about each other.

When it’s difficult to decide, don’t look too far in the future; just focus on tomorrow. If you think about what you want to do tomorrow, your answer will change.

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