16+ Must-Read Quotes From Tomorrow Kdrama About Life

Motivating and inspiring yourself to live a good life can be done by reading appropriate quotes. The power of quotes lies in their ability to spark fresh ideas, and propel you forward towards your goals. Here are some great quotes from “Tomorrow” drama.

tomorrow drama quotes

The drama is about Choi Joon Woong, who meets grim reapers Goo Ryun and Im Ryung Goo, who are on a special mission to stop people from killing themselves, and works with them as the youngest contract worker on the death angels’ crisis management team.

Everyone that fate brings together must part at least once, whether they like it or not.

Human memory is selective. It keeps what was good and discards the bad. It wraps up the past in nostalgia. Because that’s the only way you can keep on living.

Failure means you should try again. You just have to keep trying hard. Then it’ll work out one day. It will.

It doesn’t matter how good your company is. The only thing that can keep you standing is your talent.

Live true to yourself without any regrets.

Words immediately disappear after they are spoken, but if they are written down, they stay there for a long time.

As you live, there will come a moment when you realize it was all for today. So live.

There are no beings as pure as animals.

People say my scar is disgusting. But compared to the pain I went through, this scar is nothing.

Sometimes the truest words cut the deepest.

Whether it’s grief, loneliness, pain, or whatever it is, all humans are subject to an equal amount of time where they have to endure it. And those who do are rewarded for it later.

Big or small, every decision you make is a choice that has consequences.

The wounds you think cannot heal on their own leave quite a deep scar.

Some people are the opposite. Their past becomes more painful as time goes by and becomes wounds.

People face choices every moment of their lives. All those various choices come together to make their lives.

Those who stomp on others don’t remember. Only those who get stomped on remember.

Failure means you should try again. You just have to keep trying hard. Then it’ll work out one day.

It’s harder to see your family suffer or be sad than to go through your own pain.

Pain is the essence of life. It’s a living human’s fate to struggle and move forward in spite of that pain.

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