14+ Beautiful Quotes From Twenty-Five Twenty-One Kdrama

Quotes are a good way to get inspired and live a good life. Quotes can help you get new ideas, get motivated to work, reach your goals, and do a lot more. Here are some great quotes from “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” drama.

twenty five twenty one drama quotes

The drama takes place in 1998 and tells the stories of young people whose dreams are taken away and how they find new direction and grow after that. When two people are 22 and 18, they meet for the first time. When they are 25 and 21, they fall in love.

In some moments, we’re doing our best but all of that is just a practice.

It’ll probably hurt if you lose it all. But what matters is that you’ve had it at one point.

We’re lovers only during the good times, and a burden to each other in the bad times.

It’s a gamble to confess your feelings. You either get it all or lose it all.

Every day can’t be a tragedy just because you lose every day. It’s easy to forget after you laugh. You have to forget in order to move on.

Doing your best is a given. Don’t just do your best. You have to do well.

Don’t ever forget how you earned a new opportunity. Whenever you’re having a hard time, remind yourself how difficult it was to start.

You should repay money with money and show gratitude differently.

The times took everything from you. You can’t give up on happiness.

In the real world, you make an apology for the sake of everyone’s peace. It’s nothing personal. Society doesn’t care at all about an individual finding peace.

Your skills don’t improve consistently but in steps.

You have to be in love first for a breakup to be sad.

You can’t gain a sense of rhythm by mastering a single choreography.

Adults never accept it if we say we don’t have a dream. Do we need to have one?

The tougher things are, the busier you need to be. You need to laugh in order to forget more quickly. And you need to forget in order to survive.

Nothing lasts forever. Everything is momentary. They all flow away. And that’s not always a bad thing.

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