Vincenzo Quotes To Read | Best Quotes From Vincenzo Drama

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Vincenzo Quotes

vincenzo quotes

Vincenzo is a Korean drama about a mafia lawyer who comes to Korea to retrieve gold but gets involved with the chairman of a big company. It is one of the best drama of 2021. Here are some quotes from Vincenzo kdrama.

Justice is weak and empty. One cannot win against villains with justice alone.

Evil is prevalent and vehement.

A chance is reserved only for those who are worthy.

Do not do something you will regret. Regret is the most painful thing in life.

If you walk alone, you reach quickly. But if we go together, we can go far.

Talking about justice doesn’t bring about justice.

All this time we thought we were weak. But we were not weak. We just did not try to be strong.

Do not talk about age. All age does is give you a lot of responsibilities.

Nothing is more entertaining than an enemy who doesn’t know why he is losing.

Your best source of protection isn’t a gun or a sword. It’s your brain.

Giving up on a hopeless war will give you a new opportunity.

You don’t repent with words. You do it by showing how much you have changed.

Justice is right only when it is impeccable.

Defeat begins with one’s fear.

People can’t control their greed. The only thing bigger than greed is just bigger greed.

You can hide the fire, but you can’t hide the smoke.

What mothers cherish their entire lives are the beautiful smiles their children give them.

A smart person knows when their opponent is weak.

There is a limit to pain, but there is no limit to one’s fear.

When you continuously turn your lies into the truth, you become blinded to the truth.

A painless death is a blessing.

Smart people may rule the world, but reckless and stubborn people protect this world.

You know how people are. The less you know about something, the easier you believe it.

You shouldn’t let your yearning turn into regret.


So, these were some great quotes from the drama Vincenzo. These quotes will help you at some point of your life. Don’t forget to read them on a daily basis.

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