City Hunter Review: Action Packed Korean Drama To Watch

A revenge drama packed with action, bit of romance, comedy & Lee Min Ho!

If you are confused about whether to watch the City Hunter drama, then get ready to read this City Hunter review.

This review is spoiler free!!

If you are new to Korean dramas, here is a warning: you will get addicted. Yes! Kdramas are quite addicting & if you start once, you will not be able to stop watching them.

You may have heard that Kdramas are popular for their romance. But wait, what if you get action along with romance & some comedy. It will be great! And one of the best romantic-action dramas is City Hunter.

City Hunter Review

City Hunter is a Korean drama of 20 episodes aired from May 25 to July 28, 2011, on the SBS channel in Korea. Now, it is available to watch on Viki. It is adapted from the manga “City Hunter” by Tsukasa Hojo.

City hunter review

Summary –

A talented MIT graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father’s death with his surrogate father and eventually becomes a “City Hunter”.

Main Characters

City hunter lee min ho
Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung

Lee Min Ho plays the role of “Lee Yoon Sung” whose goal is to avenge his father’s killers. Using the identity of a Korean-American teenager, he graduates from MIT and lands a job at the Blue House.

City hunter park min young
Park Min Young as Kim Na Na

Park Min Young plays the role of “Kim Na Na” whose exceptional skills in martial arts earns her an assignment with the Presidential Security Service. During her time as a bodyguard, she falls in love with Lee Yoon Sung and eventually discovers his real identity.

City hunter lee jun hyuk
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo

Lee Joon Hyuk plays the role of “Kim Young Joo” who is a prosecutor & constant rival of City Hunter, working towards the same goals under legal cover, while trying to figure out his identity at the same time.

City hunter kim sang joong
Kim Sang Joong as Lee Jin Pyo

Kim Sang Joong plays the role of “Lee Jin Pyo” who is the only survivor of the secret operation that took place. Full of anger, he wants to kill all of the people who ordered his team dead. He uses Lee Yoon Sung for his vengeance.

Why You Should Watch?

One of the main reasons to watch this drama is the chemistry between Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young. They are among the most popular actors in South Korea & have done many dramas.

This drama’s story centers on revenge, action, friendship and romance. There are a lot of action scenes done by Lee Yoon Sung in order to take revenge & save people’s life. The action shots are well done.

Talking about romance, if you are a fan of romantic dramas, you should take a look at this drama. The chemistry between the main leads is adorable & we get to see some cheeky & funny moments between them.

City hunter park min young lee min ho

This drama not only focuses on the main characters but also the supporting characters. Kim Sang Ho, Hwang Sun Hee, Go Ha Ra and others also played their characters fabulously & are important in the drama.

The OSTs are soothing to hear on the loop. This revenge drama has a strong male & female lead. There are a lot of twists in the story that seemed to be fascinating. The ending is a little happy ending for some people.

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Here are some questions answered that you may ask.

Is the City Hunter drama worth watching?

Yes! The drama is worth a watch if you are an avid fan of action. Besides action, there are some romantic scenes, comedic moments & overall, the drama is good to be on your watchlist.

Where can I watch the City Hunter drama?

You can watch the drama on Viki for free.

Is City Hunter drama family-friendly?

Yes, the drama is family-friendly. There are some kissing scenes in the drama. Nothing else.

How long are the episodes?

All the episodes’ duration is about 70 minutes. There is a total of 20 episodes.



City Hunter

A great action-packed Korean drama to add on your watchlist. City Hunter is a revenge drama that also has some romance, comedy & suspense. Overall, a thrilling drama to watch.





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