My Mister Review: The Best Portrayal Of Human Struggles

With honest depiction of human struggles, My Mister is a unique slice-of-life drama featuring versatile actors that is recommended to watch.

My Mister is one of the best slice-of-life dramas depicting the hardships and relationships of the main leads. It won the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards for best drama and screenplay. There is no reason to not watch this drama.

If you’re looking for My Mister drama review to help you decide whether to watch this drama, here is the spoiler-free review of the drama.

Synopsis & Cast

The drama tells the story of three brothers in their 40s and a girl in her 20s facing the hardships of life and helping each other through the process. Enduring the weight of their lives, they come together, forming new relationships and ultimately healing one another’s past scars.

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Lee Sun Kyun plays the role of Park Dong Hoon, the second oldest of the three brothers and the most successful one. He works as a structural engineer and is quiet and stoic. He grows to care for Ji An despite having a conflict with her at first.

Lee Ji Eun plays the role of Lee Ji An, a 21-year-old woman who is enduring many hardships in life, including her mother’s huge debts and taking care of her deaf grandmother. She is tasked by her boss who runs a company she is temporarily working.

My Mister Review

My Mister is a stunning, heartbreaking show that depicts human suffering in all its brutality. IU and Lee Sun Kyun were amazing. The character Lee Ji An is bold, pale, and yearning to live. She is brave, strong, and fearless. Dong Hoon and Ji An’s connection shows compassion and love.

It was rewarding to observe how their bond grew so deep without them noticing and how they cared for each other so sweetly. The three brothers’ bond with the neighbors was uplifting, demonstrating the power of togetherness and friendship.

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One brother’s love affair with an actress is the drama’s main drawback. Though well-acted, the romance dominates the leads’ most emotional sequences. It would be better if Jang Ki Yong’s character’s inner difficulties and development had been given more time than the romantic plot.

Jang Ki Yong’s character was compelling, yet his inner conflicts and self-discovery were neglected. The drama missed his story. While the romance tale was well-acted, it detracted from the drama’s more compelling moments.

The love is the most meaningful and pure of all loves and was between two souls who encountered one other in their most shattered states and helped each other evolve. Even without skinship or romantic words, the love was deep, real, and relatable.

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The drama’s music and directing enhance its emotional impact. Filmmaker Kim Won-seok uses modest yet powerful imagery to bring the characters and their hardships to life. Close-ups and long takes provide a sense of closeness and authenticity, putting viewers in the scene.

The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack fits the mood and tone of the drama perfectly, giving every scene an extra layer of feeling. The music is only used a few times, but when it does, it is very powerful, making key moments even more powerful and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

As the last episode gets closer, viewers feel a sense of closure and satisfaction because the characters’ stories end in a way that makes sense. It’s rare for a drama to have such a long-lasting effect, but “My Mister” does just that, making it a true gem in the world of Kdramas.

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Overall, My Mister is a must-watch Korean drama that is different from most romantic comedies. The show’s realistic portrayal of human struggles is relatable. The direction and music are both great. Its complex characters and their intricate relationships make for a deeply emotional and impactful viewing experience.

Here is a quote from the drama –

If you think about it, each interpersonal relationship is quite fascinating and precious. You must repay them. Live a happy life. That’s how you can repay the people in your life.

User Reviews Of My Mister

Here are the reviews that people have posted on different websites.

“I’m not gonna say much. Just watch it because it has everything you need except for romance but it has love.” – shen quin (MDL)

“Definitely, a must-watch. The first drama I had ever seen and now even after watching a few others, it is still my favorite. It perfectly portrays two people’s different lives and struggles.” – Khadijah (Google Reviews)

“I now understand why this drama is so well-rated. I just finished it and I’m literally speechless. I don’t even know what to say.” – ssra_25 (IMDB)

“Best drama hands down. Watched this drama 4 times already. I don’t think I’ll ever find another drama to top this.” – David Cho (AsianWiki)

“One thing I like so much about this drama is that its not just the leads and the rest, I like every single character on the show, especially the brothers.” – Ronin (Reddit)

“With its gloomy mood and straightforward narrative, My Mister plows a deep trench to allow its message of finding peace and strength by enabling one to trust someone.” – Abby (kdramadiary)


Here are some questions answered that you may ask.

Is My Mister worth watching?

Yes! The drama is worth watching for its realistic storyline, excellent acting, and life lessons.

Where can I watch My Mister drama?

You can watch the drama on Netflix, Viki, and WeTV.

Is My Mister family-friendly?

Yes, the drama is family-friendly. But the theme of the drama is for matured people.

How long are the episodes?

All the episodes’ duration is about 70-80 minutes. There is a total of 16 episodes.



My Mister

With outstanding direction and music, the show’s realistic portrayal of human struggles is both relatable and thought-provoking. Overall, My Mister is a recommended drama to watch.





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