Top 7 Best Kdrama Journals To Track Your Korean Dramas

Buy one of these journals to keep a track of your watchlist by filling in all the details of the dramas and writing reviews for it.

Watching Korean dramas give relief to your heart and mind. They help you to escape your daily life and take you into a new world that is filled with happiness. The list of dramas to watch is never-ending.

Many times it becomes difficult to keep track of Kdramas that you’re currently watching like which episode was completed or missed. It becomes necessary to write down the progress in a book.

best journals for kdrama fans

To help you write down your progress, reviews, comments, and other details related to Kdramas, here is the list of the best journals on Amazon that help you do all this. You can use them to log your Kdrama journey.

1. My Kdrama Journal

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This is the perfect journal for all Korean drama fans. This journal of 130 pages offers you to write down the dramas that you have watched in a log and up to 40 reviews on guided pages. It is aesthetically colorful.

2. My Kdrama Diary

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This diary helps you to keep track of your ongoing and completed dramas. This journal of 110 pages includes space for drama title, cast, genre, date, rating, favorite parts, episodes watched, and personal comments.

3. Drama is Therapy Journal

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This journal is 128 pages and helps you to keep track of all the Asian countries’ dramas. You can fill in the title, episodes, date, actors, personal rating, comments, and genres. It also has a checklist for each month.

4. Kdrama Bucket List

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This 127 pages journal consists of curated lists of Korean dramas divided by genre/theme. More than 300 dramas are listed and an index is included. You can create your bucket list of dramas and fill in the details.

5. Kdrama Fan Journal

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This journal has spaces to record your monthly drama lists, write notes, rate individual dramas, and also master lists for dramas on Netflix and Viki. It has 207 pages and also includes a page for your accomplishments.

6. Kdrama Tracking Journal

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In this journal of 126 pages, you can write down the summary of your dramas to see and for those you have seen, add a list of your favorite actors, and follow the drama sheets to fill out by you. It has a simple design.

7. Kdrama Log Book

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This book includes pages for a watchlist with checkbox and review pages to track the date you watched, star review, episodes, genre, review, synopsis, notes, who you watched it with and would recommend it to and rewatch.

Wrapping Up

So these were some good Kdrama journals that you can buy for yourself or gift to your friends or family who are Kdrama fan. You can also use them to write down your thoughts about dramas and build up your list.

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