Top 10 Books To Learn Korean Language (Beginner To Expert)

If you want to learn Korean language as a beginner, you should buy one of these books and practice to become fluent.

Korean dramas are subbed in different regional languages which makes them easy to watch because you don’t understand the Korean language. If you learn the language then it becomes easy to watch them without reading subtitles.

If you’re thinking of learning the Korean language (Hangul) to watch dramas or moving to South Korea, you can refer to some books that will teach you the language at the basics and intermediate levels. You can buy them on Amazon.

books to learn korean language

Here is the list of the best books that you can buy to learn Korean if you’re a beginner. You also need to practice common phrases that are used in daily life and practice writing in a workbook. Flashcards also help a lot.

1. Learn Korean – The Language Workbook

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This book is a bestseller that will teach you the basics of Korean. It covers the historic hangul alphabet, stroke order diagrams, writing instructions, flashcard templates, calligraphy practice, quizzes, vocabulary, practice pages, and a pronunciation guide.

2. Korean Grammar for Beginners

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This book will help you to improve your grammar with 21 beginner-level Korean grammar topics that include vowels, adjectives, conjunctions, etc. You also get complimentary audio files narrated by a native Korean speaker. It also has a Kindle version.

3. Korean Made Simple

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It is a series of three books to learn the Korean writing system, culture, and history. It also contains additional advanced-level notes for more skilled Korean speakers. Audio files for the books are also available for free download on their website.

4. Let’s Speak Korean

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This book contains over 1,400 daily expressions from 21 different topics and situations such as greetings, weather, emotions, family, directions, etc. You also get access to a webpage with audio files where you can listen to every expression.

5. Learn Korean for Adult Beginners

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This is a set of three books – Workbook, Phrasebook, and Short Stories book. Bonuses include a set of 100 printable & digital flashcards, 100 audio pronunciations, short stories audiobooks, and an email crash course. This bundle is the best resource for adult learners.

6. Korean for Beginners

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This book uses a lighthearted, humorous approach to teach you Korean and has included realistic situations you might encounter in Korea with an explanation of new words. It also has online audio and video recordings for the pronunciation of words and phrases.

7. Living Language Korean

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This complete edition is a unique multimedia course that takes you from a beginner to an advanced level in one convenient package. You get 4 books covering 46 lessons, review exercises, culture notes, a grammar summary, 9 audio discs, and online exercises.

8. Quick and Easy Korean Vocabulary

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If you’re done with the basics of Korean, you can enhance your vocabulary with this book. It contains a set of over 500 essential words combined with 500 example sentences and phrases in Hangul, a Romanized version, a pronunciation guide, and an example.

9. Learn Korean with BTS

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If you love BTS and want to learn Korean, this package is for you. There are four books with a MotiPen that speaks aloud the words in the voice of BTS members. There are QR codes on the pages that you can scan to see videos of BTS. This is the most enjoyable way to learn Korean.

10. Blackpink in your Korean

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If you’re a Blink, you can buy this package for learning basic Korean. This package includes two books with six chapters each, MotiPen with their voices, different practice materials, and stickers. Every chapter has a story and can be watched by scanning the codes.

Wrapping Up

So these were some recommended Korean language learning books that you should read to master the language. Remember that some people say Korean is hard to learn but practice makes a man perfect, so practice a lot.

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1. How can I learn Korean by myself?

You can learn Korean language by reading books, using leaning apps, enrolling in a course, using flashcards, and live classes.

2. Is it difficult to learn Korean?

Korean is one of the hardest languages in the world but with determination and regular practice, it is easy to learn and become fluent.

3. What are some best Korean learning books?

There are some good books available on Amazon for learning Korean like Korean Grammar for Beginners, Living Language Korean, Korean Made Simple, etc.

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