Top 10 Best Korean Dramas About Friendship

Kdramas about friendship that you can watch with your friends and have a fun time together.

By Lily Clark (Kdrama World)

Reply 1988

Five childhood friends in Seoul navigate the challenges of adolescence in the 1980s.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

A weightlifter and a swimmer fall in love while pursuing their dreams at a sports university.

Our Beloved Summer

Ex-lovers reunite after their documentary goes viral, revisiting their complicated feelings.

Age Of Youth

Five college students navigate friendship, love, and growing pains in a shared house.

Welcome To Waikiki

Three broke friends run a guesthouse and make a family with a single mother and her child.

Hospital Playlist

Five doctors who are best friends balance their work and personal lives at a hospital.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

A young fencer and a reporter pursue their dreams and find love in the midst of the IMF crisis.

Racket Boys

A city kid moves to the countryside and joins a ragtag badminton team.

Cheer Up!

A college student joins the cheerleading team for money, but finds friendship, love, and the joy of life.

Work Later, Drink Now

Three women in their 30s relieve stress after work by drinking and talking.