Top 10 Best Suspense Korean Dramas Of All Time

In the mood to watch some thrillers filled with tensed environment? Here are the best suspense dramas to watch.

By Lily Clark (Kdrama World)

Flower Of Evil

A man with a dark past hides his identity and marries a detective. When she investigates a serial murder case, he is forced to face his past.


A criminal profiler in 2015 uses a walkie-talkie to communicate with a detective in 1989 to solve cold cases.

Through The Darkness

A former detective and a police officer team up to create the first criminal profiling team in South Korea to catch serial killers.

Beyond Evil

Two detectives investigate a serial killer in a small town, but they soon realize that the killer may be closer to them than they thought.

Strangers From Hell

Aspiring writer moves to Seoul, rents a cheap room with creepy roommates, and soon realizes he's in a living nightmare.


A 1986 detective travels 30 years into the future to catch a serial killer who has resurfaced.


Detective Seo Do-won travels between parallel universes to save the woman he loves from a serial killer.

Class Of Lies

A disgraced lawyer goes undercover as a teacher to investigate the murder of a student at an elite high school.


A team of emergency call center operators and detectives race against time to save lives using the sounds of crime.

Save Me

A young girl trapped in a cult seeks help from four friends who try to save her from the leader's abuse.