Best Thriller Korean Dramas Of 2023 You Should Watch

This year's dramas are on the next level.

By Alma Santos (Kdrama World)


Public prosecutor possessed by demon teams up with folklore professor to solve series of mysterious deaths.


Former lawyer turned detective investigates current cases to solve unsolved crime from the past.

Lies Hidden In My Garden

A woman who lost her memory meets her look-alike and unravels the truth about her past.

Black Knight

A mysterious knight protects a woman with a special power from those who want to control her.

Duty After School

High school students become reservists to fight aliens after their exams are canceled.


Two boxers with a moneylender take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate.

My Perfect Stranger

A journalist and an office worker travel back in time to 1987 to solve a murder and prevent a marriage.


A family of superpowered kids uncover a dark secret about their town and their government.

The Killing Vote

A young woman investigates a series of murders where the victims are chosen by a popular vote.