Top 10 Enemies To Lovers Korean Dramas

These dramas are filled with cheeky romance and swoon-worthy relationships

By Min Chae (Kdrama World)

Touch Your Heart

A top actress who lost her fame due to a scandal becomes a secretary to a lawyer to win a role in a drama.

Her Private Life

A professional curator who is a secret fangirl of an idol stars in a fake relationship with her new boss.

Suspicious Partner

Prosecutor and trainee work together to solve a murder case, but they soon find themselves suspects.

Mad For Each Other

A man with anger management issues and a woman with anxiety disorders fall in love and heal each other.

Crazy Love

A genius math teacher with a memory disorder and his secretary pretend to be engaged to save his career.

So I Married The Anti-Fan

A famous K-pop star and his biggest anti-fan are forced to live together after a fake marriage scandal.

Love To Hate You

Arrogant heir and struggling actress fall in love, but their families' feud threatens to tear them apart.

Full House

An aspiring writer enters a contract marriage with a famous actor to get her house back.

Crash Course In Romance

A former athlete and a math tutor find love through food and help each other overcome their past traumas.

Shooting Stars

A top star actor and his PR manager fall in love while dealing with the messy lives of celebrities.