10 Best Korean Comedy Movies To Watch Now

The Plan Man

Jung Suk is a librarian who is compulsive and must set plans for everything. Unable to get along well with others, he falls for a convenience store worker who is much like him.

Miracle in Cell No.7

A mentally challenged man is wrongfully imprisoned. He builds friendships with criminals in his cell. They reunite him with his daughter by smuggling her into the prison.

Miss Granny

A 74 year old woman mysteriously regains her physical appearance from the age of 20, changes her name and embarks on a quest for happiness.

The Bros

Two brothers, meet again for their father’s funeral. But instead, both of them deal with their problems. On the way to their hometown, they hit a mysterious woman with a car.

Jail Breakers

Two prisoners managed to break out of jail. Upon returning, they read in the newspaper that they are scheduled to be pardoned on the very next day. They break back into prison unnoticed.

My Little Bride

A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties.


Yeo Ri  sees ghosts and crazy things happen to the people around her. When she joins Jo Goo's show, he offers to help her find a way out before the ghosts can chase him away.

Attack The Gas Station!

Four disaffected youths try to rob a gas station. Unable to get any money from the register, they take everyone hostage and start dispensing gas and keeping the money.

Runway Cop

An overweight and clumsy detective takes up a challenge to become a runway model in 60 days and go undercover for a case. This also comes as a challenge to the fashion designer on the task.

Hello Ghost

A man tries to commit suicide but finds himself in a hospital & starts seeing ghosts who will go away after their wishes are fulfilled. He then tries to fulfill their wishes.