10 Most Popular Korean Dramas On Disney+

Best Kdramas that you can watch on Disney Plus or Hulu

By Alma Santos (Kdrama World)

Big Mouth

A low-rated lawyer is framed as a con artist and must clear his name while uncovering a massive conspiracy.


A North Korean spy hides in a women's dormitory during the 1987 South Korean democracy movement, and falls in love with a student who helps him.

Revenge Of Others

Twin sister seeks revenge on her brother's killer with the help of a vigilante who takes on bullies.

Rookie Cops

Freshmen at the Korean National Police University learn the ropes of law enforcement while dealing with love, friendship, and challenges.

Kiss Sixth Sense

A woman with the ability to see the future through kissing her boss, and their complicated relationship.

Dr. Romantic 3

Kim Sabu and his team at Doldam Hospital continue to save lives, while facing new challenges and personal growth.

Crazy Love

Arrogant CEO fakes amnesia after receiving death threats, while his secretary pretends to be his fiancée to get revenge.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

A chef and a woman are linked by an inexplicable ability to share each other's emotions, leading to a twisted romance and a deadly mystery.

One Dollar Lawyer

A skilled lawyer charges only $1 to defend the underprivileged, fighting against the rich and powerful.

Soundtrack #1

Two best friends who have been secretly in love for 20 years start to explore their feelings for each other when they are forced to live together