Korean Dramas that ends with a Wedding

If you like dramas with happy endings, wedding-ending Kdramas are a great choice.

By Alma Santos (Kdrama World)

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

A blind ballerina is given a second chance at love by an angel, but he soon falls in love with her himself.

 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

A big-city dentist and a handyman in a seaside village find love and healing together.

She Was Pretty

Unattractive girl meets her handsome first love again after 15 years, but he doesn't recognize her.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

A small-town girl with superhuman strength uses her powers to become a bodyguard for a CEO.


A girl with big dreams pursues her passion for entrepreneurship, with the help of a man who may be her first love.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Narcissistic CEO falls in love with his capable secretary after she announces her resignation.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

A 1000-year-old gumiho who searches for his lost love team up with a human to stop a vengeful spirit.


Immortal goblin seeks human bride to end his curse, meets girl who can see spirits and changes his life.