Killer Toon

A horror webcomic artist finds her life imitating her own work. When a series of murders take place as they happen in the webcomic, a detective tries to solve the case.

Hansel and Gretel

A young man who gets lost in the woods finds himself in a beautiful house with three adorable children. The house seems to be perfect. But, he gets stuck & there’s no way to move out.

A Tale Of Two Sisters

Su Mi and Su Yeon return home from a hospital, welcomed by their stepmother. Things have not been the same since their mother passed away. Unexpected things start to happen.

Mourning Grave

In Su, who has the ability to see ghosts returns to his hometown. In his high school, the bullies get attacked by a masked girl. He tries to find the truth behind the girl.

The Closet

Sang Won and his daughter move to a new house. After a while, she mysteriously disappears from the house. After seeing on TV, a man approaches Sang Won & they both began to investigate.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

An internet broadcaster along with a some people goes to explore the haunted asylum and stream it live on their show. But, things start to get out of hand.

The Cat

A pet groomer’s customer dies on the elevator, leaving her cat behind. The police ask her to take care of the cat. But something strange happens to her from the day she brings the cat home.

Death Bell

24 students are locked inside a school. A TV monitor broadcasts a student locked inside an aquarium. They are given an exam to complete which if they failed, everybody will die.

White: The Melody Of Curse

A struggling kpop group finds a videotape of an unknown music video. They release a remake under the name “White” & become a sensation. But, strange things start to happen.

The Piper

A father and son stop in a remote village that has a major rat infestation and make a deal to get rid of them. When the chief double-crosses them, they lure the rats back.

Bloody Reunion

A teacher & some alumni meet in a countryside cottage for a small reunion. But the happy reunion turns into a nightmare as they are brutally murdered, one by one.


A woman, who lives in an old apartment observes that the lights of some houses turn off at the same time. She becomes involved as she tries to solve the mystery.

The Wailing

A series of deaths take place in a village. A police officer hears a rumor about a mysterious Japanese man. The rumor suspects him as the one causing these deaths. But what is the truth?